•     Google Classroom can be accessed with the GSuite for Education account your student is issued from the school. All students have a district Google account. Students may utilize their Google account to create and share documents from any computer with Internet access.


             ******See Attachment for the step-by-step procedure of the login process to Google Classroom*****


     Google Login Procedures

    Logging in from home


    example: 300*****@student.amphi.com (student identification number)

    password: first name with a capital, ex. Rachel


    Google Classroom Code:

    Period 1: anyq5qu --8:35am -9:10am—M, T, Th, Fri.

    Period 2: a74zvdl -Homeroom Wednesdays from 11:40am-12:40pm

    Period 3: 74b4luh --8:35am-9:10am—M, T, Th, Fri.