•      This year, our class will be using Google Classroom for a number of digital assignments. Google Classroom will be accessed with the GSuite for Education account your student is issued from the school. All students have a district Google account. Students may utilize their Google account to create and share documents from any computer with Internet access.

         If you are interested in seeing what we are working on in the Google Classroom, your student can access the Classroom from home with their school login and password. Students log in from a web browser or use the free Google Classroom app, available for Android or iOS mobile devices. 

         In addition to learning and practicing important content with Google Classroom assignments, your student will also be developing important computer skills. I look forward to using this learning tool with students throughout the year. Please contact me if you have any questions.  

             ******See Attachment for the step-by-step procedure of the login process to Google Classroom*****


     Google Login Procedures

    Logging in from home


    example: 300*****@student.amphi.com (student identification number)

    password: first name with a capital, ex. Rachel


    I have created a Google Classroom which will contain many assignments that students can complete and submit to me instantly. Ask your child to show you what we have been doing in the classroom.



    Period 1 Code to Join                                         



    Period 2 Code to Join



    Period 3 Code to Join



    Period 5 Code to Join


    Period 6 and 7 block Code to Join