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    Amphitheater School District is pleased to provide the opportunity for parents and guardians to access information about attendance and grades in school through our Parent/Student Portal.  Students have access through this same portal. If you need a username and password or need to update contact information for a Harelson Elementary student (e.g., current address, current phone number), please contact Jill Neubert at (520) 696-6025.





    Exclamation Mark

    This mark shows up when I have entered the assignment in the gradebook, but I have not yet entered the score for your child. This usually means that the assignment is still being graded, or I have not yet had a chance to post the grades. It does not mean that the work is missing. Missing work will be indicated with a 49% or ab designation.  


    This means that the student was absent when this assignment was collected, and I have not yet received it from them.  This indicator is generally used temporarily.  Once the student turns in their assignment, I will update their grade accordingly.  If I never receive the assignment, I will eventually convert the ab into a 49% in the gradebook to indicate that it is missing.  

    FortyNine Percent

    This is the default grade assigned when an assignment is not turned in. If I have no record of a student completing an assignment, I enter a score of 49%. If your child thinks that they did the work, have them check the no-name basket in class and let me know if their work is in there.  


    The e stands for excused. This means the assignment was not graded for your child, and is therefore not taken into account when calculating their final grade. They may have completed an alternative assignment that better matched their learning needs for that topic, or I felt it was appropriate to excuse them from the assignment based on the specific circumstances.  


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