• AP Computer Science A (11th & 12th)

    This class focuses on programming skills and techniques for a career in programming & applied Computer Science. We create digital designs and develop games from the ground up using only code, then analyze these programs for efficiency and organization. This class is entirely programming and leads to an AP Exam where you can earn college credit for your efforts.

    Take this class if you are interested in being an Engineer or Computer Scientist after high school, or you really really like programming.

    Recommended Pre-Requisites: Successfully Completing AP Computer Science Principles or Computer Apps & Cybersecurity II.

    Course Highlights

    2D Game Design: Use the Java programming language and the Greenfoot environment to create your own 2D animated games from scratch

    Interactive Images & Designs: Use the Java programming language & Processing to create your own interactive designs & animations from scratch

    Object-Oriented: Learn the fundamentals of Object-Oriented programming, one of the most common programming structures in the world.

    Solving Problems Efficiently: Understand how to analyze programs & algorithms for efficiency so you can determine which one is "best". 

    Earn AP Credit: This course leads to an AP Exam, which transfers to universities as an introductory programming course that is applicable to Copmputer Science & Engineering majors