Some of our course assignments will be located on our Aleks platform. I will be giving assignments through this Aleks platform in order to continue assessing and remediated our students. Here are the directions to get onto Aleks from home. 

    Welcome to ALEKS

    A one-time Google Chrome Bookmark Bar set-up is necessary to access your digital curriculum on each device. If you have already completed the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar set-up please skip the first 7 steps. Open Google Chrome

    1. Click on the three dots or the orange exclamation in the upper right corner.
    2. Click on “Settings”
    3. Click “SIGN IN TO CHROME”
    4. Use the Google Account (Student ID@student.amphi.com) to sign in then type the personalized password.
    5. Click “Link Data”
    6. Click “Okay Got It”

    With a successful set-up, you will find a folder/icon in the upper left with the name of the school your child attends.

    To access ALEKS:

    1. Click on the School folder in the upper left corner
    2. Select Google Apps
    3. Select McGraw Hill.
    4. Click ALEKS and begin.