• Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation I 

    In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of Sports Medicine, which is a stem under the rehabilitation umbrella. Students taking this course in the fall will learn basic medical terminology, anatomy and body systems, occupational safety in the work place (including bloodborne pathogens), nutrition, fitness, and basic psychology. In the spring semester, we will cover health care administration and then move into the bread and butter of Sports Medicine, where students will get an in-depth look and gain the ability to identify, differentiate causes, and select appropriate treatment plans.

    This course is very demanding and fast-paced. Essentially, this means students should come prepared to fully participate in all hands-on tasks, study all assigned materials in preparation for all exams. The students who are the most successful on this course are those who arrive on time, prepare, ask questions, and participate in all hands-on activities. Students will be required to complete several projects throughout the year. Topics for these assignments will be assigned well in advance and the students will have plenty of opportunity to complete them.  

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