• The course materials needed for the Sports Medicine program:

    The following supplies are provided for All students as part of a class set, which belongs to the instructor and paid for using the instructors personal funds:

    Pencil boxes, Dry Erase- Eraser (cloth), Scissors, Pencil Sharpener, Dry Erase Marker, minimum of 5 colored pencils, glue stick, and pencil eraser. Please do not take what does not belong to you, however given these are disposable supplies eventual wear is expected if this occurs please inform me so I may re-stock.

    Dry erase boards and rulers are available and will be used on an as needed basis.

    Disinfecting wipes are made available and are expected to be used anytime a mess/ spill has occured no permission is needed, simply ensure the lid is closed and the product is returned to its home in a timely manner I.e. immediately after use.


    Sports III: 2-5 Inch binder (Highly recommended students keep their sports medicine binder I & II) with 3 hole punched lined and college ruled note paper. Pencils/ Pens (except RED)/ Highlighters. Regular computer access with Word processing capabilities.

    Tab dividers (17) are needed, and pre-labled

    Anatomy Fall Semester

    Unit 1 Respiratory System

    Unit 2 Cardiac System

    Unit 3 Digestive System

    Unit 4 Musculoskeletal System

    Unit 5 Nervous System

    Unit 6 Lymphatic System

    Unit 7 Urinary and Reproductive Systems

    Unit 8 Integumentary System


    Professional Skills - Spring Semester

    Unit 9 Complex Communication

    Unit 10 Collaboration

    Unit 11 Thinking and Innovation

    Unit 12 Professionalism

    Unit 13 Initiative and Self-Direction

    Unit 14 Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Competence

    Unit 15 Organizational Culture

    Unit 16 Legal and Ethical Practices

    Unit 17 Financial Practices