• Remote by Necessity Materials:

    Students should have access to our Google Classroom and ZOOM during class sessions with the ability to type, hear audio, and display video. 


    In-Person Needed Supplies & the Science Binder:

    Students should be prepared EVERYDAY! Materials needed unpacked daily include:

    • 1 inch Science Only Binder
    • Student Planner
    • Bellwork/Vocabulary Packet (school-provided)
    • Curriculum Packet (school-provided)
    • Pens/Pencils/Highlighters/Colored Pencils

    All students will use their science-only binder to store science packets and other out-of-packet assignments for each unit this year. At the end of a unit, work can be stored in class to make room for the next unit.


    This is a guideline of the topics we will be covering this year:

    8th Grade Yearly Plan of Action:

    • Nature of Science

    Scientific Method, Inquiry Process, Measurement, Graphing

    • Properties and Changes of Matter

    Atoms, Phys. vs. Chem. Properties, Changes in Matter States, Periodic Table, Chem. Reactions

    • Structure and Function of Living Systems

    Types of Cells, Cell Structure and Organization, Cellular Processes, Cellular Reproduction

    • Genetics and Heredity

    Dominant & Recessive Genes, Punnett Squares, Blood Typing, Genetic Mutations & Diseases

    • Diversity, Adaptations and Behavior

    Ecosystem Relationships, Behavioral Cycles, Adaptations for Survival

    • Motions and Forces

    Velocity and Acceleration, Position-Time Graphing, Newton’s Laws of Motion