MRS. Vaughn’s

    Seventh Grade Science Syllabus


    Course Description:

    Welcome to my class! This year, students will explore areas of science using inquiry-based discovery.  Some major focal points include the scientific method, engineering design process, and various analytical and collaborative endeavors while improving reading, writing and math skills.


    This is a guideline of the topics we will be covering this year:

    • Nature of Science

    Inquiry Process, Measurement, Types of Observations, Lab Safety

    • Newton’s Laws of Motion

    Force Interactions, Law of Inertia, Law of Force, Law of Action and Reaction

    • Geology

    Composition of the Earth, Plate Tectonics

    • Cycling of Matter

    Atmospheric Cycles, Hydrospheric Cycles, Geospheric Cycles


    Needed Supplies & the Science Binder:

    • Students should be prepared EVERYDAY! Materials needed unpacked daily include:
    • ½ inch to 1 inch Science-Only Binder
    • Student Planner
    • Science Curriculum Packet (school-provided)
    • Pens/Pencils/Highlighters/Colored Pencils
    • All students will use their science-only binder to store science packets and other out-of-packet assignments for each unit this year.


    Grade Distribution:                                                                             

    • Final grades will be determined by a point-based system. Assignments will have different point values based on complexity and time commitment. For example, daily assignments will be lesser points than multi-day projects or laboratory assignments.
    • The grade scale used to calculate the science grade is as follows:






    100% – 90%

    89% - 80%

    79% - 70%

    69% - 60%

    Below 60%


    Classroom Pets:

    The science classroom may contain live animals.  At this time, we have one Chinchilla, named Bucky, but this could change during the year.  All students should show respect and care for any pet animal in the science classroom. If students have allergies to animals or pet care products like their bedding or hay, please notify Mrs. Vaughn immediately so appropriate precautions can be taken.   


    Classwork and Absences:

    • Classwork will be graded based on completion and accuracy. Therefore, a student who misses class should make these assignments up. Assignments should be completed promptly so students have materials needed for projects, labs and performance checkpoints!


    Late/Incomplete Work:

    • Assignments that are incomplete on the day they are due will NOT be accepted and will be considered late when completed.       
    • Per district policy, completed assignments will be accepted up to 1 week. If a student continues to have missing work after 1 full week, they will be issued an automatic 50%.
    • Turning in late work and work completed after school is the student’s responsibility!              




    Lab Investigations:

    • Students will be performing many hands-on activities in science class. These investigations can involve potentially dangerous objects or chemicals. Good behavior is always a requirement to participate in labs. Inappropriate use of lab materials or careless behavior will result in removal from the lab environment.
    • Some investigations will correspond to the completion of a larger writing sample, which are typically due one to two weeks after they are assigned. While many parts of these assignments are started during class time, some parts may be assigned to complete at home. 
    • If a student is absent during lab data collection, they will have the opportunity to make it up. Make-up times are typically scheduled before or after school or during lunch. Arrangements must be made to complete the make-up work within one week of returning to class.


    Science Fair:

    • All students in 7th grade science classes will be required to participate in a Science Fair investigation this year. This process will begin during first quarter and be completed by Winter Break. Students will be allowed to work with a partner and are responsible for developing their own science fair problem, running the experiment and creating a project board outlining the scientific process.
    • Because Science Fair is required, time will be given in class to work on each section, although the experimental set-up and data collection should be completed at home.
    • All students will receive a Science Fair Packet outlining what materials they need and the dates that each section of the project is due. All topics must be approved by Mrs. Vaughn, the Science Fair Coordinator, as well as a parent/guardian before beginning the experiment.


    Progress Reports/Report Cards:

    • This year, grades will be posted online and can be accessed through Parent/Student Portal.
    • School-provided progress reports are issued the 4th week of each quarterly grading period.
    • Every student is able to receive a classroom report that includes specific assignments and grades upon request. Progress reports may also be requested by parents. 
    • The ending dates for each grading period is as follows:

                First Quarter: October 7th, 2022

                Second Quarter: December 16th, 2022

                Third Quarter: March 10th, 2023

    Fourth Quarter: May 18th, 2023 – Includes the final grade for the course


    Receiving Help from the Teacher:

    • Mrs. Vaughn is available to help students on assignments and labs, but a student MUST request help BEFORE the due date of an assignment. Asking for the help the day an assignment is due shows poor planning and will still follow the penalties for late assignments.
    • Mrs. Vaughn will be available before school and during lunches by request.
    • Remember, you can also email Mrs. Vaughn or add a private comment to an assignment, if you are having problems, for immediate help. The email address is avaughn@amphi.com.


    Parent/Student Resources:

    • For any other questions or concerns throughout the school year, I can be contacted through email at avaughn@amphi.com or by phone from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.


    My class phone number is 520-696-5975.                                                                                  




    I am looking forward to a successful year working with all my 7th Graders in Science!

    Mrs. Vaughn