• first grade

    First Grade Sight Words and beyond: Complete List The benchmark is the first 250 included in the list



    In first grade, students build foundational literacy and math skills through hands-on and innovative learning techniques. In addition, through our STEM program, we implement engineering and scientific practices to improve problem solving skills.

    Language Arts:

    • read grade level text fluently
    • Use taught comprehension skills to improve understanding when reading
    • Accurately identify 250 frequently used words in the English language
    • "Keep a phonics journal" to manipulate highlighted word reading skills
    • Work cooperatively with peers in small reading work stations
    • Build knowledge of past american heroes and our community through nonfiction text
    • Choose and read "right fit" books
    • independently write narrative, informative, and opinion pieces


    • add and subtract fluently within 20 using taught strategies
    • Add and subtract double-digit numbers using regrouping strategy
    • Identify and manipulate 2-digit numbers as tens and ones
    • Tell time to the hour and half hour
    • Use problem solving strategies to solve story problems
    • Identify 2D and 3D shapes
    • "Keep a math journal" to manipulate highlighted problem solving skills
    • Work cooperatively with peers in small reading work stations


    • Follow the engineering design process to ask questions and solve problems
    • Project based learning
    • Create a class science fair project using the scientific method
    • Working together with peers to building science/engineering/technology/math problem solving skills
    • Effectively use various forms of technology to enhance learning and create products

    Student expecations:

    • Respect their peers and teachers by demonstrating kindness both within and outside of the classroom
    • Read "good fit" books every night
    • Complete assigned homework when given
    • Set and work towards appropriate goals
    • attend virtual class meetings every day and on time
    • Follow classroom and Innovation Academy rules and procedures
    • Try hard and persevere!

    Parent Expectations:

    • Be vigilant of emails and reminders
    • provide your children with help when they need but allow them to try independently first
    • read with your child every night
    • Remind them everyday how wonderful they are!