• Algebra2 textbook cover This standards-based course covers the fundamentals of algebra, with a focus on multiple representations of functions and problem solving. Topics include linear, exponential, absolute value, quadratic functions, sequences, systems, inequalities, and polynomials.



    Algebra1 Syllabus


    Zoom Etiquette or Online/Virtual Classes


    If you are having technology issues (i.e Google apps, passwords, etc.) please contact the IRHS Help Email (IRHSStudentTechHelp@amphi.com).

    Note: I will not be using Zoom regular to instruct, but will use it (or any other similar platforms) for you to get questions answered (i.e. like our conference period). I will be putting most information on the Google Classroom site. At the beginning of each week, I will post an agenda with links and what is to be accomplished and any due dates. I will be available for help during the following posted days/times:

    Period 3: 9:00am to 10:15am (Monday & Wednesday)


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    Period 3: ha7v3nr



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    Period 3: 6aaf472


    Grades will be updated at least every two weeks. Grades were last updated on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.