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  • 8th Grade Reading advances students'  skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking within a rigorous, standards-based program. Students will be expected to engage in daily reading, critical thinking, comprehension, analyisis,  and writing. In eighth Reading, the literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, are taught in an integrated fashion throughout the course of the school year. In literature we read classic and contemporary works, including short stories, dramas, and related nonfiction. When reading literature and expository text, students will increase their own comprehension by making simple as well as complex text connections. Students will question everything they read while persevering through text they may find challenging intellectually, emotionally and/or academically. Vocabulary growth is emphasized throughout the year. The goal of both 8th grade Reading and Advanced ELA is to prepare students for success in their upcoming highschool Language Arts courses. Students will expected to complete projects in collaborative groups, pairs and individually.