• Students who are returning to Sports Medicine II will find the course layout is more relaxed (due to smaller class sizes) however the work remains rigorous and continues to call upon the students abilities from Sports Medicine I. The fall semester opens with the continuation of Impact of Injuries, pharmacology, and modalities. The spring semester opens with Emergency Medical Responder (formerly First Responder) administred by the American Red Cross and will last approximately to May. It is a 55 hour program, which is approximately 1/2 the required instructional time for students seeking to become a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (for students seeking to become and EMT, contact your counselor for enrollment into the Pima JTED EMT Program). 

    During EMR instruction students will learn what it takes to become EMR certified and CPR certified; both certifications last 2 years and may be renewed through a refresher program offerred by the American Red Cross.

    Special requirements for EMR: In order for students to become EMR certified, they must meet the following criteria 1) 100% attendance is required 2) must pass the final Exam with an 80% or higher.  In order for students to become CPR certified they must 1) attend all training sessions and complete the online exam. In both instances students will have up to 2 opportunities to pass. A 3rd and subsequent attemt is not authorized per American Red Cross Teaching standards.

    Following the completion of EMR, students in sports III will return to the Sports Medicine arena and continue to delve deeper into physical exams, differentiating diagnoses, and applying proper treatment plans.

    Students will need to continue to fully participate, ask questions and read ahead in order to remain successful in this course. This course will require MAXIMUM participation in all aspects of EMR and the remaining sports medicine course.   

    Students will also complete the required state testing for program completers in March or April. EMR is generally not covered in the state assessment. A passing score of at least 60% is required to receive your certificate of completion.

    Please sign in using your login to access the full menu. Due to the recent events of school closures statewide, please continue to use Google classroom for all assignments and instructions. If you are not already assigned a class code please email me directly equigley@amphi.com