• **For information about assignments during the school closure, visit this link **


    Google Classroom - This is how to access the online textbook and the ALEKS program for algebra. The online textbook also has many additional resources including videos and self-check quizzes you may find useful if you're struggling. You will also find assignments, class notes and slides in the classroom google drive folder.

    To sign in:

    Username: SID#@student.amphi.com (replace SID# with your student id number).

    Password: Your first name capitalized (unless you've changed it, in which case I do not know it!)


    If you for some reason are not in the classroom, email me or ask me in class for the classroom code.


    Shortcut to Access ALEKS and Textbook (Works for most cell phones and PCs)

    1. Make sure you are signed into google classroom under your school account. Google Classroom

    2. Click this link: Link

    3. Select ALEKS "Algebra 1 Part 1" or the Algebra 1 Textbook as needed.


    Alternative Way To access the textbook or ALEKS (Works for PCs only)

    1. Navigate to the google classroom and sign in (see above).

    2. Click the 9 dots in the top right of the classroom page.

    Click the "Waffle" Button


    3. Select more on the part that pops up

    Click "More"

    4. Scroll down and select McGraw-Hill (it'll be a red icon). 

     Click "McGraw-Hill"


    5. The next page will present options for ALEKS and for the Textbook. Select which you need and continue from there.


    Assessment and Assignment Rubric