• Below you can find various web-based resources to aid you when you are out of the classroom. Note: I do not endorse any products that might be sold on these sites, I just want to share free resources that you may use.

    Khan Academy (link) - A great collection of practice problems and video lessons. Especially helpful if you need to catch up after an absence.

    Patrick JMT (link) - Another collection of math tutorial videos.

    Math is Fun (link) - A collection of text based tutorials for those that prefer reading over watching videos.

    Online Textbook (Link) - A link to login to ALEKs and our online textbook. The online version includes videos for each section! Take a look! Login using the same info you use at school.

    Desmos (link) - Forgot your graphing calculator in your locker? You may find this useful. Tutorials for using desmos can be found here. This may also be downloaded as an app for Android and Apple smart phones. A version of this will also be available on the AzMERIT test!



    To Join the Google classroom:

    1. Navigate your browser to classroom.google.com
    2. Sign in using your school email address:
      • Email: your_student_id#@student.amphi.com
      • Password: your first name capitalized
    3. If prompted, select “Student”
    4. Click on the + in the top right of the window next to your name.
    5. Enter the class code (email me if you do not have this).