• During the school closure it is important that you are on Remind.  To get Remind text mesaging for Spanish 1 text 81010 with @floydspan1

    All missing assignments need to be submitted to Google classroom by this Monday night 5-18-20.  Final grades will be uploaded on Tuesday morning 5-19-20 .  No late work will be accepted after Monday night. There are no new assignments this week.  Check Google classroom for missing assignments.  Missing assignments are in Google classroom and assignments are also listed below.  Make-up work can be done for full credit up through Monday night 5-18-20.

    Final Vocabulary Exam score was due by Tuesday, May 12th.  Please let me know in Google classroom how many words you know out of the 543 word packet if you have not already done do.  This will count as our final exam and be worth 500 points.  There are 43 points extra credit possible.  A hard copy of the packet is below and it is shared with you in Google classroom.  Let me know the amount of words that you now know by turning in the assignment in Google classroom.  Leave a comment in the comment box with your score on the 543 word packet assignment in Google classroom when you turn in the assignment.  There is not a new log this week and there is no other new work this year besides commenting with your packet score.  You can do all missing assignments for full credit up through Monday.  Please turn in missing work to Google classroom by Monday night.

    Make-up Assignment: Make a 60-90 second commercial video in Spanish advertsing a product or a service.  The copy of your script was due by Friday, May 1st and the video was due by Friday, May 8th.  Make sure that you have already turned in your commercial script to me in Google classroom to be revised and do not make your video until you have received your corrected commercial draft back from me.  Requirements and the project outline are in Google classroom. 

    Make-up assignment: Students should have submited logs of time worked on Spanish.  There are no more logs this year but make up logs can still be turned in.  A hard copy is provided at the link below and a copy to edit and submit through Google classroom is on your Google Classroom drive.  Students need to log 100 minutes, and extra credit will be given if you log more than 100 minutes.  Instructions are on the log.

    Weekly Spanish log. A copy to edit is in your Google Classroom Drive

    Classzone.com is an amazing resource and something we will work on for extra log time.  We are the Avancemos 1 book for World languages in Arizona and we focus on Chapters 1-6.  Under online review there are flashcards there with all the vocabulary from the 543 word packet broken down by unit, and there are self check quizzes.  Study the flashcards Unidades 1 through 6 and work on the self check quizzes leccion 1 and leccion 2 from all Unidades 1 through 6.  The link is here below.  There is also a video under helpful videos on the left nav that explains how to use the site.  You can use this site for log time for the rest of the year until you master all flashcards and self check quizzes from Unidades 1 through 6 and lecciones 1 and 2.  Flashcards in classzone is a great way to study the 543 word vocabulary packet.

    Classzone.com Avancemos 1 online Spanish practice

    Make-up work if you did not do it already: Use both past tenses and write down 10 sentences on 10 fun things that you did or used to do at school before it closed.  This assignment will be shared with you through Google Classroom.  Make sure to watch the preterite, imperfecto, and preterite vs. imperfect videos on my webpage on the Grammar Vidoes and Practice page to help with verb tense.  Use 10 different verbs.  Repeat verbs do not count as part of the 10. ex.: 1. Yo siempre hablaba español con mis amigos en la clase. 2. Yo corría en el equipo pero no puedo ahora. 3. Nosotros ganamos el campeonato de cross country este año. etc...

    Make up assignment if you did not already do it in Google Classroom: Write a 15 sentence story in the past tense in Spanish on a memorable day from when you were a little kid.  Use both past tenses in Spanish.  Before you do this assignment make sure to watch the imperfecto video and the preterite vs. imperfect past tenses video.  These videos are on the Grammar Videos and Practice page on the left nav if you are on a desktop or on the pages link if you are on a phone.  They will help you to be able to use both past tenses correctly.  Only use Google translate for 1 word and not for phrases or sentences.  Number your sentences from 1-15 but write in paragraph form.  Submit this through Google classroom.  ex.  1. Cuando yo era joven yo siempre iba a San Diego.  2.  Yo jugaba con mi hermana y nadaba en el mar.  3.  Un dia en San Diego yo fui a surfear.... 

    Make-up assignment if you did not already submit it through Google Classroom:  Write 10 sentences in Spanish on what you are going to do and why in the ir + a + infinitive once things get back to normal and the Corona Virus shut down is over.  Example: 1. Yo voy a viajar a Lake Tahoe porque me gusta acampar y pescar.  2.  Yo voy a ir al cine porque quiero mirar una pelicula en una pantalla grande.  etc...  Do 10 sentences on the Google doc assignment in Google classroom and share it with me in Google classroom.  I will highlight your mistakes and leave you a comment.  Only use Google translate for 1 word and not for phrases or sentences.

    543 word vocabulary packet is at the link below.  You should study these words through the classzone flashcards Unidades 1-6.

    Spanish 1 543 word practice vocabulary exam

    Make-up assignment if you did not already do it: Write a paragraph of 20-25 sentences on what you did over spring break in Google docs.  Write in paragraph form, but number your sentences within your paragraph.  You can use Google Translate for single words only and not for phrases or sentences.  Use the Spanish that you know and include se verbs, chores, hobbies, sports, places you went, foods, drinks, etc...  Use who, what, where, when, why for detail.  Use transition and freqency words.  Do this on the pre-made assignment in Google classroom. 





    The following are units that we have already done earlier this year.  

    Syllabus Spanish 1 

    Casa vocabulary Spanish only

    Casa vocabulary translated

    Verb Expressions Page 51

    Past tense test pg. 51

    Present tense test pg. 51

    immersion memorable event 1-44

    immersion 45-75 memorable event

    1st day immersion 1

    1st day immersion 2 

    The Following are units that we did last year in Conversational Spanish class in order to lay a foundation upon which the rest of our language learning is built.  Review them as needed on your own.

    Intro. Oral

    Partner oral

    vowel practice la mar de vocales

    irregular consonant letters

    Abecedario quiz words

    Countries where Spanish is spoken

    Restaurant oral skit

    bargaining for prices oral

    noun and adjective agreement with articles

    Spanish 1 discussion questions

    Casa vocabulary