Our Shedule

    Full day students will attend Physical Education, Music and Art classes weekly.  We will also visit the computer lab and the library on a regular basis.

    • Monday:       Library
    • Tuesday:      Computer lab
    • Wednesday:  P.E.  Please have your child wear sneakers so they can participate fully in all the activities.
    • Thursday:     Music
    • Friday:         Art


    Lunch begins at 10:45-11:05 and is followed by a recess from11:05-11:25


    Snack: Snack will be offered at our afternoon recess.  If each family could donate 1 or 2 boxes every month, that would be great.  First to donate will be families with last names starting with A-L.  The following month will be the M-Z names.  I will send an email or remind notice letting you all know whose turn it is.  Snack ideas include:  pretzels, graham crackers, fish crackers, cheezits, granola bars, wheat thins, Ritz crackers and vanilla wafers.

     Individually wrapped items are preferred.