• I teach 4th grade math to my homeroom students as well as to Ms. Blaire's and Ms. Osterman's students. I teach math 3 times a day to 3 different leveled math groups. This enables students get either accelerated instruction or more individual attention to fit their needs.

    Small Group Instruction

                I have found that students learn best when they are taught in small groups (5-8 students) that are leveled by their mathematical ability. These leveled groups enable students to take chances and be successful learning a new skill. Students will only receive homework on the days that I teach them in their small group. I will try to make  this the same day every week so you know which day they have homework from their math journal.    

    Math Centers

               While I teach in a small group the rest of the students are completing math centers with their peers. These small groups include students of different skill levels so that if a student needs help completing a task they can ask their partner instead of asking the teacher.

               The centers that the students are asked to complete include Math Skills, Math Vocabulary, Math Games, Math Books and Problem of the Week. These centers are always based on a skill students have already learned and should easily be able to be completed in 30-45 minutes. I also have a Catch-up center that enables students to  complete a center they may have missed when they were being taught by myself.

    Math Centers Synopsis

    • Math Skills-Students get extra practice with a skill that they have already learned. They might also be asked to watch a brainpop video to introduce a new, simple concept.  They will fill out a worksheet along with the videos.
    •  Math Vocabluary-Students will learn new words, practice the words they know, and play games to help them remember vocabulary. They will make PowerPoint Presentations, play memory, complete word searches, and cross word puzzles.
    • Math Games-Students get to play games practicing a skill they have learned or need to review. Many of these games will be played on computers or with games that Ms. Larriva creates.
    •  Math Books-Students will read a book involving either science or social studies concepts. They will then be asked to answer mathematical questions about things they have read.
    •  Problem of the Week-This center gives students the chance to solve word problems on their own and then with their group mates. Students will be asked to explain their thinking with words, pictures, and equations.