• Important Class Links & Information:

    • Google Classroom CODE: scz6dky   
    • Be added to Remind texts: Send text to: 81010  Text this Message: @ad38a
    • Students please plan for a ZOOM class on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday this week(8/10-8/14) for period 2, at 8:15am. Details will be listed on the Google Classroom page.

    Course Syllabus( currently being updated):  Syllabus (2019-2020)

    Contact me with any questions or concerns.

    DIRECTIONS To Join the Google classroom if needed:

    1. Navigate your browser to: classroom.google.com
    2. Sign in using your school email address:
    • Email: your_student_id#@student.amphi.com
    • Password: your first name capitalized
    1. If prompted, select “Student”
    2. Click on the + in the top right of the window next to your name.
    3. Enter the class code (see top of page)

    Note that you must have a valid amphi student ID number to login.