I miss you all and hope you are doing well! We will get through this together... metaphorically. See? Even in anxious times, there is still room for language humor.   

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      • Period 5 class code: xklwf2l
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    • Both Juniors and Seniors will have assignments posted to google classroom on Mondays and submissions/due dates on Fridays. I will hold virtual "office hours" via email and in the google classroom during our regular class times on Wednesday.
    • Turnitin.com and google classroom are our main assignment submission sites. 
    • Students, Parents, and Guardians - please email me if you have any questions. (ethomure@amphi.com)

    Be good, be SAFE, be kind. You are worthy and enough. 

    - Ms. Thomure :) 



    • Billy Collins' Poetry 180: A Poem a Day  Collins is the man. Browse though this website and see if there are some familiar poems we have studied... or new ones you enjoy. 
    • MINDFUL MOMENT - This week, try to do something positive and physical with your bodies to avoid feeling idle. *SEE my Mindful Moment post on my "English 11" page for ideas! Keep each other safe and healthy. Never push beyond your physical limit and social distance. There are free online yoga videos on YouTube... those are a personal fave if you want to stay inside. :)
    • G12 - RR Journal #1 is now due to tii.com by 11:59 pm on Friday!
    • G11 - Work on Cento!
    • CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS - PINTEREST As many of you already know, Pinterest has some lovely writing prompts. Here is a link to a board of tons... created by Mandy Wallace.
    • JOIN GOOGLE CLASSROOM AND ADD YOUR CLASS! *view the instructions above and email me with any questions. Next week and for the near future this will be our virtual classroom. 

    Week of 3.30.20-4.3.20

    • Literary Magazines Assignment 
    • Mindful Moment (taken from the "Affirmators!" Deck): "CLARITY: By stopping to listen to your inner self, you can separate your intuition from the mental chatter." Being isolated in our own mindspace will be challening the next few weeks... listen to your intuition or "gut" and distinguish these positive, productive thoughts from those that can be negative and overwhelming. 
    • G11 - work on Cento
    • G12 - work on Independent Reading


    • Mindful Moment: Click the link for the full quote -  "You're not stuck..."
    • G11 and G12: Rare and Unique Vocab assignment
    • G11: "Nostalgia" Poem Discussion Thread assignment
    • G12: Reader Response Journal #2 assignment 




    • Mindful Moment: Click here for S E L F C A R E quotes...
    • G12;
      • RR#5
      • Good Vibes List assignment
    • G11:
      • "On Turning Ten" poem analysis
      • Coming of Age poem assignment - Finishing Billy Collins
      • Continue Working on Cento!


    • G11:
      • CENTOS Zoom Presentation TBD
      • CENTO ESSAYS: Due May 15th, 2020!
    • G12:
      • SENIOR Literature and Performance Pictures
      • Senior Grades Due: May 15th, 2020

    5.11.20-5.15.20 and 5.18.20-5.22.20

    • G11:
      • Centos due May 15th, 2020 @11:59 pm to Google Classroom
      • ZOOM Meeting and Centos May 20th at 12:00 pm!
      • Last day of school year: May 22nd, 2020
    • G12:
      • ZOOM Time Capsule Meeting Wednesday, May 13th @1:00 pm!
      • Senior Grades due May 15th, 2020.


    Welcome to IB Lit and Performance!     Syllabus - Juniors      Syllabus - Seniors                

    Senior Tech Designs

    Tech Designs for IA: Transformation



    Enrollment Key: *see Ms. Thomure!

    Period 5 Class ID: 21816388

    Period 7 Class ID: 21816401


     Junior and Senior Character Analysis - 

    Character Analysis Questions


    MLA Style Guide - OWL Purdue


    SENIORS: Amazing job on your IA: Transformation Performance!!          JUNIORS: Awesome final performances for Death of a Salesman!!! 


    MLA Formatting - Plays and Written Coursework


    G12 - Poems for Paper 2