•  Panther Partners Syllabus 2020-2021  

    • Program Overview 

    The Amphi High Panther Partners/Life Skills program focuses on life skills and functional academics that are connected to each individual student’s annual IEP goals and post-secondary goals. Our program provides instruction and opportunities for students to learn social skills, daily living skills, job skills and independent living skills in the classroom and in the community. 

    Our goal is to partner with families in supporting their child to be as independent as possible as they prepare for transitioning out of high school. 

    • Course Content 

    Life Skills (LS) English 

    Functional reading skills - schedules, menus, current events, recipes, etc. 

    Functional writing skills - emails, shopping lists, personal data, filling out forms, etc. 

    LS Math 

    Dollar Up, menu math, multi-step word problems, time elapsed, money exchange, etc. 

    Work Skills (LS Social Studies) 

    Money management, customer service, following sequential steps, workplace etiquette, health code rules and regulations, working with others, completing work tasks independently and collaboratively, etc. 

    Daily Living (LS Science) 

    Following sequential steps, social skills, working with others, working independently and collaboratively, cooking, measuring, navigating the community, safety skills, appropriate communication, community-based instruction 

    • General supplies - ready to use by Thurs, Aug 13th. 


    Pink erasers 

    Clorox wipes 

    Hand sanitizer 

    Headphones/ ear buds 

    As we continue learning remotely and creating our lessons we might be asking for additional supplies through an email. 

    ***If you are unable to purchase these supplies please let us know right away. 

    • Course Policies 

    Online attendance 

    Students need to attend their assigned Zoom class on “A”/blue days where attendance will be taken. On “B”/green days students will be required to answer the “Attendance” question in Google Classroom. 

    Make-up work/late work 

    Students have one week from the “due date” to turn in assignments. 

    Classroom expectations 

    We expect students to be kind, respectful and engaged during class. 

    We expect students to communicate with teachers if problems arise, preventing them to attend Zoom or complete assignments. 

    Zoom Behavior and Participation Expectations 

    During Zoom class students need to have their webcam on and be within the camera frame/view. 

    All classroom rules apply when in a Zoom session. In other words, if you wouldn't do it while in physical class, don't do it while in digital class. 

    It is preferred that students sit in a quiet area with good lighting when participating in a Zoom session. 

    Students need to remain on mute while the teacher and classmates are speaking. 

    All verbal and group chat comments should be related to the class discussion. 

    To be admitted into Zoom class students must be in dress code and ready to learn. 

    Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of the class period; so it is very important to enter the Zoom class on time. 

    Zoom is a privilege that may be taken away if any of the above expectations are not followed. 

    Students should only attend their assigned Zoom group at the appropriate time. 

    • Grading Policy/Assessment 

    Students receive a pass or fail for all Life Skills classes 

    Progress towards students’ individual IEP goals will be sent out quarterly along with grades.