• Classroom Community

    In 5th grade we have a classroom community. We run our classrooms as a mini community. Students will meet weekly to discuss community classroom accomplishments, concerns and questions.

    Students will apply for jobs every quarter. They are expected to complete their responsibilities and then they will get paid weekly. 

    Each job has a different rate of pay.



    Students can receive fines at different rates as well. 

    An example is if they forget to push in their chairs, then they receive a $2 fine.



    Students can receive bonuses!

    An example is if they receive a scholar tag then they will get a $2 bonus!


    Behavior Program

    In 5th grade we have the step system. Students will document each step (if they receive any) in their agenda throughout the school day. Every Friday your child will bring their agendas home to get signed by you. Please make sure they are returned on Monday.


    Our Steps:


    Step 1: Warning

    Step 2: Lose 5 minutes of recess

    Step 3: Lose 10 minutes of recess

    Step 4: No recess

    Step 5: Phone Call Home

    Step 6: Referral*


    *Students can get a referral without going through the step system for any serious incidents.