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    Now that the statewide walkout has ended, we know you have many questions about the impact of the school closures on the completion of this school year.

    As you may know, the state requires a minimum number of instructional minutes each school year by specific grade level. An in-depth analysis of our instructional minutes on a school-by-school basis shows that many of our schools will still have sufficient minutes as required by law. For schools that now fall below the requirement due to the loss of days, we have determined that the time can be recovered by making some adjustments within the remaining school days and eliminating the early out days.

    After careful evaluation, we have determined that this can be done without having to add any days to the student calendar.

    Listed below are answers to some of the most common questions we have received:

    • The last day of school for students will remain as scheduled on Thursday, May 24.
    • All schools will cancel any remaining early out days on Tuesdays for the rest of the school year to provide more instructional time for students.
    • All promotion and graduation ceremonies will proceed as planned.
    • Finals days at the high schools will now be full days (no early dismissal), again, to provide more instructional time.
    • Families enrolled in special needs preschool services will receive additional information specific to the end of year requirements.

    An updated list of FAQs which addresses other concerns and questions is posted below. We also encourage you to contact your school principal to help answer any questions that are specific to your family or school site.

    We are excited to get back to our core mission of serving our students and families. We very sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | Regarding School Closures  | (Updated as of May 4, 2018)

    When will schools reopen?

    All schools in the Amphitheater Public Schools district reopened on Friday, May 4.

    Will the school year be extended?

    No. The last day of school for students will still be on Thursday, May 24.

    Will you have to add minutes to each school day?

    No. State law sets forth specific guidelines for student school days and instructional minutes each school year. Due to the number of days that the district was forced to close, some schools will need to make modifications within their existing school hours to recover some of the lost instructional minutes. These adjustments will be made within the existing school day.  No changes will be necessary to the regular bell schedules (start or end times).

    Will you still have early out days on Tuesdays?

    No. All remaining early out days that were scheduled through the end of the school year are canceled. School will dismiss at the regular full-day time each day. You will receive additional information and reminders from your child’s school.

    Will the school closures affect graduation dates?

    No. The dates of the graduation ceremonies will remain the same.

    Will the school closures affect other grade level promotion events?

    No. Since we do not have to extend the school year, all previously scheduled promotion events should proceed as planned.

    Will my high school child still be able to take their Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and/or Cambridge tests?

    Yes. All testing will continue as scheduled. 

    Are there any changes to the “finals” days scheduled for high school?

    Yes. All days previously scheduled half days for high school finals will now be full school days. School will dismiss at the same scheduled dismissal time for a regular (full) school day.

    Will my student have to make up any work?

    Any make up work will be determined at the discretion of your child’s teacher.

    How does the school closure affect my child’s online coursework?

    Students enrolled in online programs through Amphi Academy Online (Edgenuity, Mesa Distance Learning, etc.) were unable to progress with coursework during the walkout. Students will be given an extension if they were on target at the time of the walkout. The mentors and teachers will communicate with each student individually.

    Will my child’s special education IEP meeting/services be made up?

    Regularly scheduled special education IEP meetings that occurred during the school closure will be rescheduled. Your child’s case manager will work with you to identify and plan for any services that your child may need to have.

    My child receives special needs preschool services. How will this affect the end of the school year?

    The district will communicate directly with those families about any changes to the schedule that will be required.