Art Club

  • We have been having a blast in art club! Our focus, this quarter, has been on jewelry making. Students have learned to work with polymer clay to create their own charms. 

    Sedona Kazmyn Raelee Fimo Fimo

    Students have also been making faux Fordite pendants. Long ago workers at Ford decided to cut and polish the paint overspray found in the paintbooths at the plant. The result is a beautiful composite called Fordite. We decided to make our own but not with paint, with construction paper! Students glued 50 pieces of construction paper together for each pendant. I used a dremmel tool to sand them down. Pendants were then covered with resin or clear nail polish to seal them! They did a great job!

    Fordite Fordite Fordite Fordite Fordite

    We have two more sessions left this year and more jewelry to create!