Purposes 1) Launch students into the rigorous and intensive reading and writing program that is taught throughout the year: 2) Accelerate the closure of the academic achievement gap in lowest quartile students; and 3) Teach the students cooperative learning structures (peers teaching peers), social emotional intelligence, school etiquette, classroom manners, academic listening, questioning and speaking skills (Socratic Seminar), critical and strategic thinking, respect, responsibility and rebuild a love of learning and reading ...
    RBC changes student’s habits and futures!
    • Build students strengths with heuristic problem solving
    • Creating exemplary work ethic
    • Develop Active Listening, Questioning and Speaking 
    • Developing Critical and Strategic Thinking
    • Building Cooperative Learning Skills
    • Building Academic Listening and Speaking Skill
    • Building Social and Emotional Intelligence
    • Developing greater Theory of Mind and Executive Function
    • Thriving academically and curious students
    • Participating actively and engaged in the learning
    • Attaining challenging goals with precise effort and practice
    • Taking responsibility for ones own learning
    • Having fun pushing through academic challenges
    • Building Emotional Intelligence

    We Learn.... 
    10% of what we read 
    20% of what we hear 
    30% of what we see 
    50% of what we both see and hear 
    70 % of what is discussed with others 
    80% of what is experienced personally 
    95 % of what we teach to someone else. 
    William Glasser 

    1. Actively listen to the teachers and peers.
    2. Listen to learn procedures, new ideas and rules.
    3. Please use good manners.
    4. Raise your hand up if you want to speak, share or answer.
    5. Please keep your hands / feet to yourselves.
    6. Respect each other and think about others needs.
    7. Respect school and classroom property.
    8. Take care of our school materials.
    9. Bring the right school supplies to our lessons.
    10. Use kind words and praise your peers.
    11. Concentrate on what is important.
    12. Finish our work on time and work with a purpose.
    13. Walk quietly around the classroom and school corridors.
    14. The Golden Rule: Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
    15. Be a good friend to everyone all the time.
    16. Follow directions quickly the first time.
    17. Always tell the truth and demonstrate respect for others.
    18. Enjoy learning and add to the learning environment.
    19. Show exemplary behavior at all times.
    20. Be polite.
    21. Be on time and make each school day matter.
    22. Share with others.
    23. Keep the classroom tidy and organized.
    24. Tidy the classroom when we have finished working.
    25. Line up quietly and quickly.
    26. Take pride in our school.
    27. Always work hard.
    28. Be happy and grateful for your amazing educational gifts.
    29. Be a great role-model for others and your family