• The Internship is available to all students who have already completed sports II at a minimum or may participate on a volunteer basis with permission from both the Instructor and the Head Athletic Trainer.

    Please Note:  All other students will be placed as interns on a first come first served basis. Students who are actively participating in their respective sport during a (the) sports season(s) (Fall/ Winter/ Spring) should not enroll during their specific season. However, they may "volunteer" as an intern with appropriate permission.

    The expectation of the AHS intern is to follow the outlined manual, document on a daily basis hours and type of work performed via google forms before departing for the day, and on a weekly basis write a summary of what they learned during that week to include any new procedures and mastery, describe the types of injuries they treated first hand with justification along with any special requests of the ATR/ Instructor as assigned.

    How this all works:

    Sports II students (Seniors, followed by Juniors, followed by Sophomores) will have priority towards being an intern.

    Sports I students may only volunteer and will not be allowed nor accepted as an intern during the 8th hour. Simply put, the student lacks the complete fundamentals needed to meet the demands of the position. By volunteering, the student may observe the 5 W's and see if they are truly interested in continuing in the Sports Medicine Program.

    Students Not Assigned to a Sports Medicine Class may not participate as an Intern, due to liability and HIPAA concerns.

    Regardless of status Assigned v. All volunteer STUDENTS will document their hours in Google forms at the end of their shift. 

    All students will follow all workplace procedures and rules of confidentiality as outlined by OSHA and HIPAA. Failure to conform will result in failure of the class and removal from the internship.

    The manual is designed to give the Student Athletic Training Interns of Amphitheater High School a thorough understanding of the Sports Medicine Internship Program. Its purpose and intent is to help the incoming Intern familiarize him/herself with the workings of the Athletic Training Room, Sports Medicine Classes, and work on the athletic field alongside the Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).   

    The Intern must read and understand the contents of the manual. You are expected to understand, recall and fall into policy and procedure, which ensures not only efficiency, but safety and success of your progress through this program.  By adhering to the manual, you will exemplify characteristics of discipline, work ethic, punctuality, and professionalism.  It is to your benefit that you follow this manual to ensure the success of the Amphitheater Sports Programs. 

    There are many goals to the Sports Medicine Program at AHS. The program consists of the Sports Medicine I, II, and III classes that are attended during the academic day, after-school clinics, and the advancement of the Sports Medicine Professions.  The goal of the academic portion of the Sports Medicine I class is to introduce the vast careers in sports medicine as it pertains to each career under that umbrella.  Sports Medicine II class pertains to the specific career in Athletic Training. Sports Medicine III focuses on Anatomy and Professional Skill development. The goal of the after-school clinic is to put into practice what is taught in the classroom by providing sports medicine coverage to the Amphitheater High School athletic teams.  We advance the sports medicine profession by having an active Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) which is known as Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).

    It is through the Sports Medicine classes at Amphitheater High School that we learn all of these principles or at least are made aware of them.  Those who are serious about learning about or have the goal of working in a health-related field should take this class and participate in its program. 

    It is essential to remember why you are here. You are here to get an education.  Do not let your afterschool duties interfere with your education.  You will learn to balance and budget your time to stay on top of your schoolwork.  We are here to serve the athletes and coaches of the athletic program to the best of our abilities.


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