• Aug


    Thursday 8/8

    1. Assign seats, book and cell phone cubby numbers
    2. Show advice video
    3. Pass out Syllabus-STUDENTS THEY NEED A NOTEBOOK FOR THIS CLASS ONLY. Probably 500 pages per semester. They will also need a binder-but this can be a binder they use for all of their classes. Should be signed by Monday. Supplies also by Monday.
    4. Communication Styles

    HMWK: Supplies and syllabus signed by Monday.


    Friday 8/9

    1. Students fill out Index card
    2. Non-verbal Communication

    HMWK: Supplies and syllabus signed by Monday.


    Mon 8/12

    1. Assertive, Passive and Aggressive behavior



    Tues 8/13

    1. Possible Selves: What are your aspirations in life?
    2. Tree Activity


    Wed 8/14

    1.  Students write in journal: What does community look like to you?
    2.  Today class is going to be about getting to know one another. We are going to build the type of community that you guys talked about in your journal.
      1. Activity:
          • Students will pick a number out of a hat. There will be a pair of each number. Students will find their partner and sit down. Students will be asked to get to know the person as quickly as possible enough to be able to introduce them. In addition, the pair should find 3 distinct similarities that they think others in the class do not share.
          • Students will be asked to introduce their partner and share the similarities. They will also be asked random questions about their partner to find out if they learned enough information.
    3. Closing: Students will write down what they thought of the activity and if they feel more community.
    4. Pass out Opportunity Record Sheet. Students  will keep this in their binder. We would like everyone to become a part of the IRH community, so every week students need to attend one conference, tutoring or lunch session. Students should get the teacher in charge to sign that they were there. I am collecting these at the nine weeks or just periodically.

    HMWK: Think about a book you would like to read.

    Thursday 8/15


    1.  Pre-test
    2. Pass out Independent Reading Requirement . Discuss requirement-Students to have their books in class with them by next Friday.

    HMWK: Get a book you have not read and show it to me by next Thursday.

    Friday 8/16

    1. Library- Scavenger Hunt

     HMWK: Get a book you have not read and show it to me by next Thursday.