• If you are able to donate the items below, we would be so grateful. ♥

    Please don't label items with names.

    Wish List

    -Low Odor Expo Dry Erase Markers, Fine point (with eraser tip if possible, these are great for little hands, we never have enough!)

    -Ziploc Bags (Kinder- Sandwich Size, 1st- Snack Size- , 2nd- Gallon Size)

    -Oil Pastels (I have many crayons, pencils and colored pencils/markers)

    -Boxes of Tissues

    -Dixie Cups *(Small 3 oz Size). These are perfect for doling out snacks and paints to little hands!

    -Snacks for group snack time (Goldfish, Gummy Snacks, Teddy Grahams, Pretzels, etc)

    -Sanitizing Wipes 

    -Paper Towels

    -Chemical Free or Naturally Based Cleaners (Method, Mrs. Meyers, Greenworks, etc) So many are sensitive to harsh chemicals!

    -Baby Wipes 

    -Flushable Bathroom Wipes 

    -Paper Plates (Cheap, White Cardboard type)

    -Plastic Flatware

    -Bags of Plain M&M's or Skittles

    -Hand Sanitizer