• Please provide the following items for your students to learn from home. These materials should come to the classroom for them to use once we return to school! These items should be labeled with their names and will be exclusive to them in order to help keep them well!

    As you know, face masks are required. Here is a link to some very cool face shields for kids!! 

    Requested school Supplies:

    -Headphones, labeled with name (over the head) 

    -Crayons, 2 packs Crayola brand labeled with name (Large Size, pack of 8)

    -Ticeronda Tri-Write pencils, 1 pack, labeled (these larger, three sided pencils make writing easier for reluctant writers who are still developing grasps) 

    -White, Hi-Polymer eraser (the large size and ease of use is less frustrating for early learners)

    -Wet Wipes Individual Hand sanitizing wipes (to help in circumstances of emergencies/lines at wash stations)

    -Baby Wipes, 1 pack (to assist students with easily wiping their faces around meal times)

    -Plastic folders with a pouch: One each of blue, green, yellow, red, black (no grommets, please. These can be found in a 6pack for around $2.50)

    -Astrobrights Primary Colors Cardstock, 1 pack

    -Cardstock, White, 1 pack

    -Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, 1 Package

    -Elmers School Glue Bottle, 1 Count

    -Elmers Glue Stick, Large Size, 6 Count

    Wish List for the good of the classroom share (no labeling necessary)

    -Hand sanitizer, 1 bottle (please check to make sure it is a low or no odor type such as Germ X, Suave, or Purell)

    -Sanitizing Wipes, 3 pack (I know, I have a hard time finding these too!)

    -Kleenex 3 pack (we go through a box a week, and more in cold/flu season. 3 boxes per student helps fill our need)

    -Antibacterial dishwashing soap to clean and sanitize manipualtives, toys, etc

    -Viva Brand Paper Towels, 3 pack (these are preferred for durability but any brand will do, for washing items in the classroom)

    -Zipper Storage Bags (All Sizes, any brand)

    -Snacks for group snack time (Applesauce, Goldfish, Fruit Snacks, Teddy Grahams, Pretzels, etc)

    -Plastic cutlery (especially spoons and forks)

    -Paper plates

    -Coffee filters (for portioning snacks)

    Our classroom AMAZON WISH LIST

    Use this link if you care to donate items to our classroom! Should you choose to provide an Amazon Gift card a receipt with the items chosen will be sent home with you!