• HOW TO GET A COPY OF YOUR TEXTBOOK outside of class:

    1)  Your textbook is available for checkout from the bookstore at any time.  You can check it out and leave it at home.

    2)  You may get one in the school library during Conference periods or lunch time or before/after school.

    And also...

    3) You can access your book ONLINE through your student Google account.

    NOTE:  make sure to type google drive or google classroom into the search bar on your computer or phone.  (If not, you will have trouble getting into the account.)

    Once you're in to your STUDENT google account do the following:

    1) Type in your username: yourstudentID@student.amphi.com 

    2)  Type in your password (it's your first name with the first letter capitalized).  Example: Mark

    3)  Click on the 9 dots (upper left corner), look at the drop down menu for the word more and click on it.  Next, scroll down and look for the Pearson Easy Bridge app. Click on it.  Find your textbook and select "digital textook."

    Once you're in to the digital textbook you can look on the left side menu bar and select the Unit you're studying and look for your story or poem.  You can also type on the story in the search menu and search from there.