• Cross Middle School - Class information


    Study Skills


    • Reading skills, lessons on learning modals and strategies, organization with agendas and parent portal

    Goals include:

    • To understand our unique learning modal and use strategies to be successful in our learning
    • To improve reading comprehension and reading informational texts
    • To be organized by writing in agenda daily
    • To use to Parent Portal to check grades and be able communicate with teachers about questions and grades 


    • Writing in agenda daily and checking off when an assignment has been completed
    • Checking Tyler weekly and turning in signed sheet every Wednesday
    • Homework is expected to be turned in ON TIME, late work is not accepted.


    • By email - kbuckwalter@amphi.com (I will check my email at the beginning and end of each day)
    • By phone - 696-5964 for classroom, 696-5920 for office
    • Website will be updated weekly with upcoming assignments and information


    • Work hard and do our very best
    • Practice INTEGRITY
    • Achieve academically and be quality citizens with outstanding character
    • Respectful
    • Responsible
    • Organized