• Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

    Classroom Guidelines

    For Rm 604, Ms. Britt

    The seventh grade science curriculum has been divided into the nature of science, earth, space, and ecology units. Students will take a journey through Dynamic Earth, The Space Above Us, and Surviving In Between.  Science is a hands-on, cooperative process in which students will be actively involved. Most homework given will be to complete, or as an extension of the day’s class work. Students will primarily be assessed via lab work and performance-based techniques.


    The topics that will be explored in 7th grade Science:

    • Nature of Science: Scientific Method, Inquiry Process, Measurement, Types of Observations
    • Geology: Composition of the Earth, Plate Tectonics, Minerals and Rocks, Rock Cycle
    • Astronomy: Objects in the Universe, Seasons, Moon Phases, Eclipses, Tides,
    • Ecology: Organism Interactions, Limiting Factors, Carrying Capacity, Food Chains and Webs


    • Prepared for class
    • Mutual Respect
    • Positive attitude

    *If any of these expectations are not met, the student will receive a warning, then a trip to the CARE room if the behavior continues. Possible isolation, parent, and/or administration contact will be made at the teacher’s discretion


    • Sit in assigned seat
    • Read the board. Take out your binder and place backpack in designated spot. Complete agenda and daily warm-up IT WILL BE SILENT DURING THIS TIME
    • Students need to be in their seat when the bell rings to be considered “on-time”.
    • Students who are not prepared for class following the bell may earn a referral and/or phone call home.            


    • Unit Packet
    • Master Binder w/ Notebook Paper
    • Student Planner
    • Pens/Pencils

    *Colored pencils and markers are suggested, but optional.

    *Please have these supplies by August 11th.


    • Your grade will be based on the percentage of points you have earned for class activities and assessments
    • The grading scale is as follows:






    100% – 90%

    89% - 80%

    79% - 70%

    69% - 60%

    Below 60%


    • Grades will be determined using the following weighted categories:


    Projects/Labs 30%

    Assessments 30%

    Classwork 30%

    Homework 10%

    -   Lab Reports

    -   Article Analyses

    -   Multi-day Assignments

    - Unit Tests

    - Vocabulary Quizzes

    - Final Exams

    - Follow-up Questions

    - Notes & Video Work

    - In-class Assignments

    - Reflections

    - Warm-Ups & Review questions

    - Worksheets

    - Practice Problems

    - Note Summarizing


    • Assignments are expected to be submitted on time.
    • If an assignment is submitted after the due date, it must be submitted to the late bin.
    • Partial credit may be given for late assignments at the teacher’s discretion.


    • Grades are available online through the parent portal 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Please check these grades OFTEN.
    • School-provided progress reports will be issued the 4th week of each quarter.
    • The ending dates for each grading period is as follows:

                First Quarter: October 9th, 2015

                Second Quarter: December 17th, 2015

                Third Quarter: March 11th, 2016

                Fourth Quarter: May 19th, 2016 – Includes the final grade for the course


    • You are responsible to complete make-up work on time; you are given the same number of days you were absent to turn in the work that you missed. Please use the CLASS CALENDAR when you return to see what you are missed!
    • If you are absent for a lab, you have one week to make it up (you may have to attend tutoring or schedule a time to come in and complete a lab).
    • Absent work is located in the folders at the back of the room under the words “Absent Work”.
    • If you are absent on a due date, the assignment is due the day you return.
    • Attendance is extremely important to avoid falling behind.



    • Each quarter, every student will be given three passes. If a student needs to leave class to use the restroom, he/she must give the teacher a pass and fill out the classroom sign-out sheet.



    Please feel free to contact Ms. Britt with any questions or concerns that you might have.


    Email: kbritt@amphi.com


    Phone: (520) 696-6285