• Amphi has automated all of the logins for all classes through each student's Google account. On a school chromebook, the signin process is automatic. When at home, students need to sign into their full Chrome profile. The series of images below will help with that. 

    Primary Method: Signing into your Google Account via the Chrome Browser

    Step 1: Open Google Chrome and then click on the little grey logo person in the top right corner. 

    Step 2: Click turn on sync

    Step 3: Enter your student ID number followed with student.amphi.com (300XXXXX@student.amphi.com) and your password. 

    Step 4: A dialog window should say "link data". A second window pops up that says "yes I'm in". If you click both of those, it syncs all your bookmarks and settings to any computer provided you are using the Chrome browser. 

    Step 5: A folder called Coronado should pop up in the bookmarks bar. From there, click Google Apps, then McGraw Hill, and then finally ALEKS

    If Using a Personal Chromebook at Home

    At the very first login page when the Chromebook boots up, log into your school account using the same credentials from step 3 above. The Google Chrome that loads should be your school one. 

    If Using a Personal Phone

    This method is not ideal but it will work. If you are using this, I'd recommend changing your font settings a notch or 2 smaller. Some problems work better in landscape mode and some work better in portrait mode. 

    Step 1: Go to contacts.google.com

    Step 2: Make sure you are signed into your school account via the circle near the top right corner. 

    Step 3: Click the 3 bar menu on the top left corner next to Contacts

    Step 4: The 9 dot menu should appear. Please click that. 

    Step 5: Scroll down until you see the McGraw Hill red logo.