• Amphi has automated all of the logins for all classes through each student's Google account. On a school chromebook, the signin process is automatic. When at home, students need to sign into their full Chrome profile. The series of images below will help with that. 

    Step 1: click the triple dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome and navigate down to settings. 


    Step 2: On the page that says sign in, students sign in with 300XXXXX@student.amphi.com where the 5 Xs represent the rest of their student ID number. Their password is their first name with a capital first letter unless it was changed by the student at any time. 

    Step 3: When given the option, students should click "link data". This will import all bookmarks, passwords, and favorites associated with their school Google account. 

    Step 4: In the top left of the bookmarks toolbar, their is a folder named Coronado. This is the go-to place for all school links needed. 

    Step 5: To access our online textbook, students will click Google Apps from the Coronado folder. From there, school down until you see the McGraw Hill Education icon. 


    Step 6: After clicking this, you are signed in and have access to the online book, videos, all worksheets, and interactivities.