• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    The District Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, program, is an optional program that allows credentialed Amphitheater individuals (faculty, staff, and students) an opportunity to bring and use their own device on the district network. While this option is enabled at every site, the integration plan will vary school by school and integration techniques classroom by classroom.

    Integration training and support will be available and can be requested for teachers, students and parents. Topics may include and are not limited to:

                -Device management

                -Integration support

                -Supporting Digital Learners

                -Supporting BYOD learners


    To assist individuals who choose to participate in BYOD, a document called BYOD Device Specifications and Minimum System Requirements has been prepared for distribution highlighting device specifications, filtering and security, educational software, and technical support.

    Amphitheater cannot guarantee a device to function on the Amphi BYOD District network due to the complexity of devices.