• 8th Grade ELA/Study Skills/7th AVID

    Ms. Di Vetta- tdivetta@amphi.com


    Dear Parents and Students:


    Here are the expectations and procedures for our classroom in order to ensure that the class runs smoothly and the learning is at the highest level for everyone.


    Required materials –

    Every day each student must have out of their backpacks:

    • Their stocked binder with:
      • loose leaf paper
      • sharpened pencils with erasers/pencils with lead and erasers
      • blue/black ballpoint pens
      • highlighters
      • planner
      • Suggested: glue stick
    • Novel at their reading level
    • IDs and lanyard around their neck


    Bell work

    When the bell rings to start class, students have an activity listed on the board to begin working. These are activities that require thinking, following directions and will require the student to write daily.



    Language Arts is a class that is based on the English Common Core Standards that have been adopted by the state of Arizona.  These standards are utilized to prepare students to be college and career ready and the ultimate goal of each assignment is to lead students to success.  We expect students to follow directions given and to have all assignments turned in on time.  If students are having difficulty with an assignment, they must ask questions before it is due so we can help them complete their work (we will not do it for them). 

    This year, our curriculum is broken up into many units. Every unit covers Vocabulary, reading and writing, Conventions (grammar and editing), and Speaking/Listening activities. We will use a variety of instructional materials.  We will use our literature book, various fiction, and nonfiction pieces and project learning will become part of our assessment as well.

    It is very important that all classwork is completed each day. 



    Homework will be given periodically and/or when students do not finish "in-class" assignments. IN ADDITION, if a student is not using class time productively they may have additional homework.


    Quarter Projects

    Students will be given a quarter project to complete over the span of an entire quarter. These projects will require reading, writing, and possible research. 

    • 1st Quarter: Scholarship application 
    • 2nd Quarter: Nonprofit Organization Webquest
    • 3rd Quarter: Career exploration
    • 4th Quarter: Goal Setting


    AR Testing

    Students will be required to take an AR test in the fall, winter, and spring to assess their progress in meeting their goals. 


    Interactive Notebooks

    This class will focus on collaboration and interactive skills where students are required to process, reflect, and analyze their progress. Students will need to bring a composition book daily to class. These books will serve as a living performance piece of their progress on the 8th grade standards. Current high school students return to my classroom and send me emails often about how much their interactive notebooks have helped them to be successful even after school life at AMS.  



    The grading breakdown for assignments is as follows:

                Classwork - 60% of the grade

                Assessment – 40% of the grade


    As long as students are working hard, doing their best work, being respectful to everyone and following directions, there is no reason for a student to do poorly in the class.


    Thank you,


    Ms. Di Vetta 696-6282