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    Student grades are updated periodically throughout the quarter. Grades are given points relative to the value of the assignment - for example, a test or other assessment will have more value than an agenda check. 


    Here are some common symbols used in addition to number/letter grades: 

    • E - Excused (the student does not need to complete the assignment, they are excused and it will not affect their grade)
    • M - Missing (the student is missing the assignment, this counts as a "0") 
    • Ab - Absent (the student was absent and needs to make up the assignment, this counts as a "0") 
    • IP - In Progress (the student is working on the assignment still, usually this is the code I use when a student has been given an extension for a larger assignment) 


    Grading Scale

    • 90-100% - A
    • 80-89% - B
    • 70-79% - C
    • 60-69% - D
    • 59% and below - F 



    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can students fail a resource class? 

    • Yes, students can fail a resource class. If they do not complete assignments, fail assessments, do not turn in work, or do not participate in class, it is possible for students to fail a resource class. If your student is at risk for failing, have them talk with me to see what is going on, or send me an email so we can work together to help them. 

    Can I have extra credit?

    • Maybe. Have you turned in all of your work and have participated in class to the best of your abilities? If you have answered yes to these questions, I'd be happy to talk with you to see what we can do. If you have been goofing off, or have refused to work or have any missing assignments, I'll probably say no, but you should still ask. Maybe there's something that you can turn in that will bring your grade up. 

    Why don't you update your grades more?

    • I update my grades when I have grades to update. I try to keep grades as up to date as possible! 

    What is a "book check"?

    • A book check is a quick assessment to see if students are reading during silent reading time. I look around the room. If a student has a book and is reading, they get full points. If a student has a closed book on their desk or they are doing something with the book open other than reading, they get half credit. If a student doesn't even have a book on their desk, they get 0 points. 

    What is an "agenda check"?

    • All students should have agendas (planners) with them daily. We update them as part of our class routine, and I require them for students leaving the class to use the restroom or go to their lockers. Every few weeks, I will pick a week and check to see if the agenda is filled out with our class objectives and assignments. If the student has their agenda filled out, they get full points. If they have it partially filled out, they get partial points. If they do not have their agenda with them or it is incomplete, they get no points. 

    Can students "redo" failed assignments, tests, and quizzes? 

    • Most of the time, yes. When I return assignments, I often give students a short window to submit corrections directly to me. If they bring it to me with the appropriate corrections finished, they can get some of the points back. If you're not sure about a particular assignment, please contact me. 

    I turned something in! Why isn't it in the grade book yet?

    • I can't always get assignments recorded immediately. Some assignments may take several days to grade and submitted to the online grade book, especially if it is late or missing work that was turned in. I'll do my best to update grades regularly, but if you're really worried about an assignment, talk with me about it. 

    What if I'm absent? Why is it bringing my grade down?

    • Absent work shows up as a 0 until it is turned in. Check the absent work bin and get the assignment turned in ASAP!

    Can you excuse me from (assignment) because I (was late, was absent, felt tired, didn't sleep last night, can't find it...)

    • Nope. Get it turned in! 




    If you have any questions or concerns about your child's grade, please contact me as soon as possible!