• Welcome to 6th Grade Writing

    Writing lab is an extension for writing. This class will provide basic rules, best practices, and fun writing! Each activity will be saved in the google drive so that students can access it at any time. 


    AVID Class

    Advancement Via Individual Determination! This class will focus on organization, public speaking, problem solving, and college preparation.


    Expectations- Be Active, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient, Be Goal-Oriented

    Consequences for not following the ARRRG! Code:

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Teacher conference with student
    3. Phone call home
    4. Lunch or after school detention
    5. Write up that could lead to In-School Suspension (ISS)



    Grading Policies 


    All assignments will be based on a point system. This means that all earned points will determine the grade:

    90-100= A

    80-89=  B

    70-79=  C

    60-69=  D

    50 and Below=F

    Detailed District Grading Practices are listed in Google Classroom under the class info