• Sports Medicine Anatomy and Professional Skills (Sports III)

    In this course students will learn the fundamentals of anatomy and professional skills. Students taking this course in the Fall will gain valuable experience with a hands on approach using the Anatomy in Clay modeling system. In the Spring semester, we will cover the eight (8) identified Professional Skills. Combined with the students previous knowledge this course and pathway as a whole will prepare the student towards becoming a healthcare professional, or follow a pre-med / health track in college. Students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to participate as an Intern in our athletic training room after school as an 8th hour elective OR the student can elect to have a job outside of school. The purpose is to prepare Juniors and Seniors in the world of work, exposure to the demands of having a job (the balancing act of school/ leisure/ general responsibilities) and the development of the professional skills needed to land an interview and maintain a professional relationship with their designated employer.

    This course is very demanding and fast paced, essentially this means students should come prepared to fully participate in all hands on tasks, study all assigned materials in preparation for all exams. The students who are the most successful in this course are those who arrive on time, prepared, ask questions, and participate in all hands on activities. Students will be required to complete several projects throughout the year, these include at minimum 1 individual and 1 group in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Topics for these assignments will be assigned well in advanced and the students will have plenty of opportunity to complete them.  


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