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    Students interested in joining HOSA should click on the above links to familiarize themselves with all the benefits and opportunities HOSA can provide. 


    Secondary Division

    The Secondary Division shall be composed of secondary students who are or have been enrolled in a Health Science or an organized health career awareness program or are interested in, planning to pursue, or pursuing a career in the health professions. (Please Note- if you would like to join and are not directly assigned to the Sports Medicine Program, it is your sole responsibility to remain up to date on events and meeting dates / times / Location).
    The official definition for secondary members of HOSA for the purposes of Competitive Events is:
    A secondary student is one who, a) is enrolled in a state-approved Health Science program or is planning to pursue a career in the health professions; b) has not received a high-school diploma (or its equivalent) prior to the state's annual conference; or c)  has been within the continuous, sequential educational system for two or more years prior to the current year's HOSA National Leadership Conference.

    Students and Parents / Guardians please note there is a $20 fee ($10 National and $10 State) to join. This fee is non-refundable, therefore please ensure your actively participating and engaging in all available events. If however the fee would place a financial strain, please see the HOSA Advisor for potential sponsoring based on need. 

    Events Requiring Additional Fees: ALL Events must be pre-paid well in advance and does not include Airfare or Hotel costs.

    Available to OFFICERS ONLY*

    Washington Leadership Academy*

    WLA Registration Information

    Registration Fee: $500 per person ****Does not include Airfare or Hotel****

    Chapter Leadership Camp*

    Registration fee: $135.00 for all attendees ****Food and Lodging Provided****

    Fall Leadership Conference*

    Registration Fee: $35 for All Attendees; $0 for Chaperones

    Optional Evening Activity: $25 Per person

    Additional Fee for Food, Cost Varies

    Online Testing

    Cost: $3.00 per test / per member (Tests must be paid even is a member doesn't complete the test)

    AzATA Sports Medicine Conference

    $50.00 per student

    State Leadership Conference

    $65.00 registration for secondary and postsecondary/collegiate students and advisors

    $10 Pre-sale T-shirt (Optional)

    International Leadership Conference

    $105.00 for members, advisors, and chaperones/guests. ****Does not include Airfare / Hotel Costs****