• Officially, none of my classes have homework. I prefer to have students work in class on assignments, so I am there to guide them through any questions they have. They also have frequent reading and writing assignments in their other classes, which gives them practice on the skills we are working on in Language Arts.

    Occasionally, larger projects must be taken home to complete before they are due. Students will write in their agenda if they have any specific homework, but most nights they will not have any Langauge Arts assignments. 

    If you are looking for extra work to help improve your child's Language Arts skills, reading 20-30 minutes a night is the best way to support growth in this area. This reading can be with any book as long as your child is interested in it. Reading it silently or following along with an audiobook are both valuable ways to practice reading. Even though your child is in middle school, they may also enjoy reading a book with you! Keeping a journal is also a skill that can help your child practice their writing skills.