English 12: 

    Welcome students and parents! This course is designed to prepare seniors for college and career. Please see the syllabus and the other resources on this page, and email me if you have any questions at pevans@amphi.com.

    I use Google Classroom and its calendar to post documents and announcements, but please also check the portal regularly for grades. Parents, please email me if you want to be invited to Google Classroom: pevans@amphi.com


    Arizona’s English Language Arts Standards for Grades 11-12.


    Current Unit: Macbeth
    Students will read Macbeth, analyze literary devices, make connections, and interpret the play's themes.



    Students will turn all summative writing assignments to Turnitin.com 
    Go to this link for the Quick Start Guide

    Simply go to Turnitin.com, click on "Create Account" and follow the steps. You need to use a personal email for this account.
    Each period has a unique "Enrollment Key" and "Class ID." Please join the correct class. I will provide the Class ID and Enrollment Key in class.