• Week of 1/13

    On Monday and Tuesday, we are completing our winter reading MAP assessment. So far (after finishing our Monday testing session), about half of the students are finished. 

    Wednesday we are starting a new program called Just Words, which is a new program that our district will be providing for the resource and intervention classes. We are fortunate to be one of the first classrooms to have access to this program, and I am so excited to start working through it! Students who do not need the level of support in this program will be working on an individualized learning path through Edgenuity, an online program that provides instruction in reading and writing. If you have any questions about either of these programs, please let me know! 

    Week of 1/6

    Welcome back! This week we're focusing on getting back in the routines we established in the first two quarters of the school year. We're also reading three articles in our Action magazine - "Meet Pigcasso", "In a Galaxy Far, Far Away", and "Searching for Wakanda". We'll be writing cohesive paragraphs, analyzing text features, and synthesizing information between two texts. 


    Week of 11/18

    This week, students will be continuing to write their novels. We are approaching the end of National Novel Writing Month, and many students have finished or are close to finishing their novels!

    In our Scholastic Action magazine, students read last week about a food stylist. After reading the article, we are going to work on writing persuasive essays. Students need to have the November issue of Action with them each day, but they may recycle October's issue (the one with the pizza on the cover). 


    Week of 10/28

    This week, we'll be reading "Is Your Phone Spying on You?" in the October issue of Scholastic Action. We'll be discussing new vocabulary words, answering comprehension questions, and writing an objective summary. 

    Students will have the option to begin working on their National Novel Writing Month story this Friday! Before we begin our rough drafts on November 1st, we'll be doing pre-writing activities to get us prepped and ready to go. Students will all have the chance to choose their own word count goal, and there will be prizes along the way as students challenge themselves to write the first draft of a novel in just 30 days. 


    Week of 10/21

    Welcome back from Fall Break! 

    Students are currently reading from the October issue of Scholastic Action. This week, we're reading about a team who lived in Hawaii, on a mock Mars mission! Then, we'll read a story titled "Is Your Phone Spying On You". The skills we're working on this week are using "they're, there, their" correctly, answering comprehension questions, and writing an objective summary.


    Week of 10/7

    We are working on "Wonder Week" projects this week! Students selected a question and are doing independent research to find the answer. After researching, students were given the option of several projects. All Wonder Week projects are due Wednesday October 23rd unless other arrangements are made. 15 minutes of class time will be given on Monday and Tuesday after we get back from break, so students should not have to work on this during their vacation time. Directions and the rubric have been uploaded to the parent/student portal. 


    Week of 9/16

    Our focus at the start of this week is writing an objective summary, which we will do on Monday after rereading the article "My Life as a Refugee". There will be a quiz on Tuesday- just like the last one, it will be open book, but it will be by themselves instead of in a group. 

    After finishing the quiz, students will read a text about orangutans, titled "How to Save a Baby Organutan" and the paired text "Why We Need Rainforests". Our focus this week will be answering questions after reading. Next week, we'll be working on writing with these two texts. 

    I will be out at a district training Thursday and Friday, and the students will have a chance to work with a wonderful guest teacher. 


    Week of 9/9

    This week, we are reading a nonfiction article titled "My Life as a Refugee" about a girl named Bilan who lives in an Ethiopian refugee camp. Students are working on finding the central idea and writing an objective summary. We'll also be discussing nonfiction text features and taking a quiz next week on the article. 


    Week of 9/3

    This week, students are writing argument paragraphs, taking a side in a debate on whether or not they should quit social media (don't worry, I'm not making anyone actually quit social media!). We also read the play "Poison Sky" about DDT and Rachel Carson. Students practiced reading out loud, then took an open script quiz with a partner. 


    Week of 8/26

    This week, students will finish up their theme unit by watching Disney clips and determining the theme in whole group and small group discussions. On Tuesday, a new activity will be introduced. Students will read a nonfiction article about two students debating whether or not social media is necessary. Students will spend the rest of the week creating an argument for or against using social media. On Friday, students will work in groups to create persuasive posters arguing for or against the use of social media. 


    Week of 8/19

    The first week of school went well! Students did a great job sequencing events using a plot diagram, we got Google Classroom setup, and we took a beginning of the year comprehension assessment. Grades have been updated to include several assignments from this week. 

    This week, students will have a pop quiz on plot elements (open note, no studying required) on Monday. We will be then switching gears to learn about theme, using different picture books and movie clips to practice. On Tuesday, students will go to the library to choose a book for silent reading time. This week, we will also be reviewing nouns. 


    Week of 8/12

    Students are reading short stories ("Library Lion" and "Little Polar Bear") and sequencing events using a plot diagram. 

    On Thursday and Friday, we will be in the computer lab to set up Google Classroom and complete a beginning of the year comprehension activity. 



    Ms. Scolman’s Class (Language Arts)


    Required Class Materials and Supplies

    • Language Arts Binder (either a separate binder or a language arts section of a binder) 
    • Loose leaf paper (I recommend college rule) 
    • Agenda/Planner
    • Pencil pouch 
    • Pencils (wood or mechanical with extra lead) 
    • Erasers 
    • Highlighter 
    • Blue or red correcting pen
    • Color pencils 


    If you would like to donate any supplies to the class, we always need: 

    • Pencils – we go through lots of these!
    • Clorox/Lysol wipes 
    • Erasers 
    • Tissues 
    • Hand sanitizer