• Offcie Hours

    Contact me if you are struggling with your classes! Anytime!

    Bell Schedule

    I am avaiable Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

    *I will be turning off my Remind at 4:00 p.m.

    *If you need something after 4:00 p.m., please email me (skati@amphi.com) and I will get back to you the following day. 


    Google Classroom:

    How to Sign-Up for Google Classroom:Joining the Google Classroom page will be mandatory. If you do NOT have internet access at home, please tell me immediately to avoid grade penalty.
    1. To Join Google Classroom:
    Username: studentID@student.amphi.com
    Password: First name  (make sure to capitalize the first letter, ex. Stephanie)
    Site code: 040068001031
    *30 minutes daily

    Week of May 10

    There are no new assignments. This is your last opportunity to turn in missing work for 4th quarter.  Please see Google Classroom/Tyler for missing assignments. 


    Week of May 4

    There are no new assignments. Please see Google Classroom for details.

    Week of April 27:
    There are two assignments this week: Imagine Learning (2 sessions for the entire week) and the music assignment.
    The music assignment needs to be completed on Google Classroom:
    Do you like music?  When do you listen it? Music helps people when they are sad or they need to escape from what's happening.  I want you to listen to your favorite song this week.
    1. What's the name of the song? Who is the artist?
    2. What is the song about?
    2. Write down a line or verse that means something to you. (1-5 lines)
    3. Tell me why you like the line or verse from the song. (1 paragraph; 3-6 sentences)

    Week of April 20:

        1. Imagine Learning sessions at least 30 minutes each (2 sessions for the entire week).   *I am checking this throughout the week- some of you are not doing this.

        2. Create 10 sentences using  Academic Vocabulary (make sure you use the 5 Rules of Sentence Writing).  This will be uploaded in Google Classroom. 


    Week of April 13:

    PLEASE, make sure to go to Google Classroom to complete assignment.

         1. Imagine Learning sessions at least 30 minutes each (2 sessions for the entire week).

         2. Grammar Focus (on Google Classroom)


    Week of April 6:

    PLEASE, make sure to go to Google Classroom to complete assignment.

    1. Imagine Learning sessions at least 30 minutes each (2 sessions for the entire week).
    2. This week I want you to teach me how to cook/make something! I would like step-by-step directions (at least 6 steps) of something that you know how to make. Don’t forget to use the 5 Rules of Sentence writing.


    How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


    -sliced bread

    -grape jelly

    -creamy peanut butter

    1. Take out two slices of bread.
    2. Open up the jelly and the peanut butter.
    3. Take one piece of bread and smear some jelly on it with a knife.
    4. On the other piece of bread, smear some peanut butter on it with a knife.
    5. Put the two pieces of bread together (peanut butter and jelly facing each other).
    6. Cut the sandwich in half and take a bite.


    Have fun with this assignment! I feel like all I do is eat during quarantine 😊



    Week of March 30:

    1. Sign-up for Google Classroom.

    2. Read my message to you.

    3. Respond to the question that I have posted on Google Classroom, you have to the end of Monday (March 30) to do this. *I need to see if I can get a 100% of you on here. 


    Week of March 23:
    Note to my AMAZING students- I miss you so much!  I hope you are doing well.  This is a hard time for all of us, if you need any help--send me a text on Remind.  This is the best (quickest) way to get a hold of me. Take care! Stay healthy.
    1. Sign-up with Remind in the App Store on your phone.
        -open your text messages
        -in the (To:) section, like if you were going to type a phone number, text To:81010
        -in the message section, type @88b76c
        -Please use your first and last name so I know who you are.
        -you will get a message saying you joined Mrs. Kati's class.
    **If you are unable to use Remind, email me at skati@amphi.com
    2.  Sign-up with  Turnitin.com
         -use the link and click on create account in the upper right corner.
         -click student
         -Class ID: 24337131
         -Enrollment key: email me for the password
         -fill out all other information
    **We will use Turnitin.com to submit work that needs to be graded.