• Weekly Lesson Plans 9th Grade – April 6th – May 1st

    Hello 9th Graders (& Parents),

    Please review the lesson plans as they are posted on each Monday. They will include an instructional video of introduction for the material, as well as your work for the week. Writing assignments/prompts will be posted at the end of each reading section. All writing must be expository in nature (explaining rather than sharing personal opinions), 3-5 paragraph format, including proper title, indention, spelling, punctuation, organization and detailed paragraphs consisting of 5-7 sentences (minimum).

    Guidelines for Each Week:

    • Monday: Introduction Video located on Google Classroom under the “Stream” tab
    • Assignments will be posted under the “Classwork” tab, and may be turned in by Sunday of each week
    • Grades will be available only through the Private Message/Comments function – more information will be provided soon on how they will be entered into gradebook (Tyler)
    • There will be 2 assignments each week (in addition to the reading). They are 1) Journals and 2) 3-5 paragraph essay responses
    • Both assignments are due on Sunday of each week

    The video you receive each Monday will have some sections read by me, as well as summary information for the class. Please manage your time accordingly throughout the week. You should be able to read the selection on your phone, and write your essay response as time permits throughout the week/weekend.

    Over the course of the next 4 weeks, we are reading the Odyssey, written by Homer. The entire play may be found at salamancany.org. If you have difficulty accessing the site, google the title translated by Robert Fitzgerald. This is an epic poem about a Trojan War hero who returns home after being gone for 10 long years. The following is a character list which will help you understand the reading better:

    Athena - goddess of wisdom, skills and warfare

    Telemachus - Odysseus and Penelope's son

    Odysseus - Trojan war hero, held captive by Calypso

    Penelope - Odysseus's wife, mother of Telemachus

    Calypso - nymph leader of Ogygia, who wants Odysseus for herself

    Cyclops - Poseidon's son, blinded by Odysseus in battle

    Hermes - herald and messenger of the gods

    Antinous- arrogant leader among Penelope's suitors

    King Nestor - King of Pylos, dutiful to the gods

    King Menelaus - King of Sparta

    Queen Helen - Wife of Menelaus


    The poem is divided into the following sections (one section for each of the next 4 weeks)

    • Part I: Pg. 721 – 731 (Books 1-4) A Son Seeks a Father
    • Part II: 732 – 768 (Books 5-12) The Wanderings of Odysseus (*This Part will be divided into 2 weeks, as it is longer than the others)
    • Part III: Pg. 769 – 794 (Books 13-24) The Return of the Hero


    April 6th – 10th

    Part I: Pg. 721 – 731 (Books 1-4) A Son Seeks a Father


    April 13th – 18th

    Part II:  Pg. 732 – 743 (Books 5-8) The Wanderings of Odysseus


    April 20th – 24th

    Part II (cont.):  Pg. 744 – 768 (Books 9-12) The Wanderings of Odysseus


    April 27th – May 1st

    Part III: Pg. 769 – 794 (Books 13-24) The Return of the Hero


    Please contact me at sduplain@amphi.com with any questions or concerns. I will return your inquiry within 24 hours. Thank you, students (and parents) for your patience and ability to adapt during this time.



    March 27th, 2020


    1) Google Classroom is best utilized when opened through the Chrome Browser. If you do not currently use the browser, please download (free) to your computer.

    2) Go to classroom.google.com

    3) Use your student login (Example: sduplain@student.amphi.com) and use your password (the same one you use at school) to gain access. If you do not remember your password, you may need to reset it at this point.

    4) Click the "+" sign in the top right corner of the screen.

    5) Click "Join Class"

    6) Class Codes are as follows: 4th Period - b4gk4kk,   5th Period - fazanzm

    7) Explore the Stream tab for instructions and assignments. Navigate through the "Classwork" tab and familiarize yourself with how to turn in classwork.

    We are now on our way to online learning! Please check Google Classroom regularly for updates, assignments and activities. Email: sduplain@amphi.com with any questions or concerns. 




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