Writing Lab and AVID

    Mrs. Queiruga- jqueiruga@amphi.com


       Writing Lab is an extention for writing.  This class will provide basic rules, best practices and fun for writing.  Each activity will be saved in the google drive in order for students to access at anytime!  


      AVID- Advancement Via Individual Determination!  This class will focus on organization, public speaking, problem solving, and college preparation.  Basically working making your student a highly achieving student.


     Dear Parents and Students:

                Here are the expectations and procedures for our classroom in order to ensure that the class runs smoothly and the learning is at the highest level for everyone.


    Required materials –

    Every day each student must have out of their backpacks:

    • Their stocked binder with:
      • loose leaf paper
      • sharpened pencils with erasers/pencils with lead and erasers
      • blue/black ballpoint pens
      • highlighters
      • planner
    • Novel at their reading level
    • IDs and lanyard around their neck


    Bell work

    When the bell rings to start class, students have an activity listed up on the board to begin working. These are activities that require thinking, following directions and will require the student to write daily.

    Grading Policy

            *All assignments will be based on a point system.  This means that all earned points will determine their grade! (Detailed district practices located in the google classroom, under class info.)

    90 - 100 = A

    80 - 89 = B

    70 - 79 = C

    60 - 69 = D

    50 and below = F


    As long as students are working hard, doing their best work, being polite to everyone and following directions, there is no reason for a student to do poorly in the class.


    Thank you,


    Ms. Queiruga- 696-6257