• Kindness Matters 

    Ms. LaRussa's class project 2020

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    Thank you for visiting our site.  Please consider participating in our class project and spreading kindness.  We are hoping to get as many participants as we can in as many different places as we can!

    We know that performing kind acts will increase the serotonin in a person's brain and make them feel happier. We want to see if Random Acts of Kindness bring a person more happiness or if Intentional acts of Kindness bring more happiness.


    What is the difference between random acts of kindness and intentional acts of kindness?

    Random acts of kindness are unplanned and happen as the opportunity arises.  The following are some examples:

    Help a person carry stuff

    Helping someone who is hurt

    Hold the door for someone

    Help a person in need

    Pay for someone in line at a store or a restaurant

    Give a compliment


    Intentional Acts of Kindness are planned.  Some examples are:

    Give your friend a gift or card


    Make a card or note for someone

    Babysit for someone

    Bring someone lunch



    Question:  Do random acts of kindness or intentional acts of kindness bring people more happiness?  

    Step one:  Week of January 17- January 24:

    Participants perform at least one random act of kindness and respond on the survey at the below link how it made them feel.

     Random Act of Kindness survey

     Kindness Matters week 1 video

    Step two:  Week of January 24-January 31:

    Participants perform at least one intentional act of kindness and respond on the survey below about how it made them feel.

     Intentional Act of Kindness survey

     Kindness Matters Week 2 video

    Step 3:  Week of January 31- February 7:

    Notice if someone performs a random act of kindness or intentional act of kindness to you and use the survey link to respond how it made you feel when you received kindness.

    On the receiving end of kindness 

     Kindness Matters week 3 video

    Awesome side effect of this experiment:  We will be spreading kindness through out the community!




    Why does kindness matter?

     Kindness has many benefits including increased happiness and a health. It improves relationships and connections.  It has a positive affect on both the person who is kind and and the person who receives kindness.  Kindness makes the world a better place. 


    Who are we?  We are awesome second grade scientists that are trying to make a difference in our community by spreading kindness.  


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     Thank you for participating and helping us out!