• Pre-Algebra

    Mrs. Ruiz – room A138



    Curriculum covered:

    • In Pre-Algebra we are reviewing some basic math skills that will lead us to integers and solving 2 step equations.

    Fundamental skills:

    • Bellwork is daily basic skills review. This includes decimals, fractions, order of operations and integers.

    Grades: Classwork: 50%   Tests/quizzes: 40%   Homework: 10% (You can check grades on parent portal)

    • Bellwork
    • ISN work
    • Weekly Participation Points
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Weeklyl homework reflections


    • It is very helpful for students to know their multiplication facts 0-12, this is a very necessary basic building block for all future math.
    • That students participate and put forth best effort, have an open mind.
    • Think positive about themselves and their learning ability.
    • Keep materials organized, have them at school daily and get assignments turned in on time.


    • Respect themselves and others
    • Regular and punctual attendance
    • Electronics put away unless otherwise instructed
    • Failure to adhere to rules results in general school-wide discipline process