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  • President:

    • Makes decisions and resolves crises
    • Works with Secretary to plan each week's meetings
    • Presides over each week's meetings according to chapter rules / bylaws
    • Communicates with Administration concerning big picture items
      • State Law updates
      • Fundraising concerns
    • Models strong citizenship for all students
    • Conducts meetings
    • Takes leadership role with Officers
    • Leads executive team meetings
    • Ensures Bylaws are followed
    • Assists Advisor with Requisititions, Trips requests, and other forms
    • Responsible for maintaining the Presidents' book
    • Coordinates ALL activities with chapter Advisor
    • Appoints committees with assistance of Committee Chairperson and serves as an Ex-Officio member
    • Demonstrates Impartiality
    • Encourages and supports the success of chapter members

    Vice President:

    • Fulfills Presidential duties in their absence
    • Orders, organizes, and accounts for ALL HOSA supplies
    • Coordinates with Committee Chairperson to determine Event duties
    • Updates HOSA "Wall" in Classroom
    • Assists the President with all Leadership Functions
    • Develops and submits (to the Advisor) the Program of Work (POW)
    • Responsible for maintaining the Vice Presidents' book
    • Assumes the Office of President should it be vacated
    • Assists with the coordination of all Committee work


    • Takes minutes of all meetings and provides TYPED Copies to Advisor
    • Assists President with Agenda
    • Handles Chapter Correspondence
    • Prepares Agendas with President for meetings and provides a Typed copies to All Officers and Advisor
    • Records Attendance
    • Serves as liaison between the bookstore and HOSA for all written correspondence
    • Plans with President and Drafts event Calendar
    • Organizes HOSA Book Shelf
    • Responsible for maintaining the Secretaries' book
    • Assumes the Office of Vice President should it be vacated


    • Handles Chapters' financial records
    • Makes Monthly Treasurer's report during General Meetings
    • Oversees Fundraising by ensuring an accurate inventory sold
    • Makes Deposits with assistance of Advisor
    • Signs off on Reimbursements and Accounts Payable with assistance of Advisor
    • Oversees and approves or vetoes all motions for purchases
    • Files all club receipts
    • Collaborates with Committee Chair for all Fundraising events
    • Completes quarterly profit analysis
    • Assumes the Office of Secretary should it be vacated
    • Collects and Records all Membership Dues (State and National), along with all activity fees (Camp / FLC / Online Testing / AzATA / SLC / ILC etc.).
    • Always serves on the fundraising committee
    • Responsible for maintaining the Treasurer's book

    Committee Chairperson:

    • Presides over and conducts meetings of ALL Committees
    • Takes Leadership role in working with other committee members
    • Coordinates committee meetings and activities with Advisor
    • Keeps committee meetings and activities on task
    • Reports committee progress and motions at chapter meetings
    • Assumes the Office of Treasurer should it be vacated
    • Responsible for maintaining the Committee Chairs' book


    • Becomes knowledgeable about basic parliamentary procedure
    • Brings a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to all Chapter Meetings
    • Provides Recommendations to the presiding officer regarding the conduct of chapter meetings
    • Advises chapter members about the use of parliamentary procedure
    • Conducts workshops for chapter members upon request
    • Assumes the Office of Committee Chairperson should it be vacated
    • Responsible for maintaining the Parliamentarian's book


    • Maintains a history of local HOSA chapter activities throughout the year
    • Compiles the local chapter's OUTSTANDING HOSA Chapter Book
    • Presents the Outstanding HOSA Chapter book at the State (SLC) and National (ILC) Conferences
    • Plans and Organizes Social Activities for the Chapter
    • Promotes State Activities
    • Assumes the Office of Parlimentarian should it be vacated
    • Responsible for maintaining the Historians' book


    • Keeps written records of chapter successes and outstanding achievement by chapter members
    • Gatves as the chapter photographer
    • Contacts local media to inform them of exceptional chapter activities
    • Submits articles of chapter activities to local newspapers
    • Assumes the Office of Historian should it be vacated
    • Responsible for maintaining the Reporter's book


    • Cordinates Facilities with Administration and Advisor
    • Organizes Set-up and Clean-up
    • Assist President and Parlimentarian with maintaining order
    • Calls meetings to Order
    • Assists in maintaining professional behavior at Meetings and Events
    • Assumes the Office of Reporter should it be vacated

    Ambassadors (Classroom Representives) 2 positions available:

    • Communicate ideas from classmates to Officer Team
    • Communicates chapter activities and opportunities to class
    • Assist Counseling staff as directed or as needed to promote the Sports Medicine Program and HOSA
    • Assumes the Office of Sentinel should it be vacated
      • Junior's & Senior's Only