• March 22nd, 2020


    Hello Families!


                As we get started with this new teaching from home model, I wanted to write out some of the ways that we learn in our classroom. We do a lot of hands on activities to help the skills become concrete. I will be reaching out personally to each of you about what skills your child is working on currently. Please check my https://www.amphi.com/Domain/3755 for some materials you can either print out or write out on your own. Our daily schedule is also posted on the website if you would like to follow it.

                For math, we have been practicing math skills (addition and/or subtraction) as well as telling time.

                Telling time: I added this fun activity to my website for you to use during the whole day. It’s a stop and tell me what time it is. I will also stop through  out the day and see if they can help me figure out what time it is.

                Addition/Subtraction: Some worksheets/packets have been uploaded to my website and I will be adding more as time goes on. Students can use these to practice their skills.


                For reading, writing and spelling; each student is working on a different skill area. On the website there will be resources for each level.

    Writing: I have uploaded a writing prompt calendar for you to use. The main goal of writing is to be able to come up with their own ideas, practice spelling and adding details to their writing.

                Reading: We have been reading about animals for the research project and writing down facts. As well as sight word practice.

                Spelling: I attached to my website a packet of some fun spelling practice they can do on their own.


                Science is focused on researching a desert animal and filling out the booklet that they have in the classroom. Each student has a different animal and each week we have been focusing on a different part of research.

                Before Spring Break, we did animal groups (mammals, reptiles and birds) I attached some websites for review.

                Moving forward, students will be researching about where the animal lives and what their habitat is.


    The most important thing I want to put out there is, make learning fun and work for you! There are many ways to incorporate reading, writing and math into what you are already doing at home.

                                                                                                                Miss you all,

                                                                                                                            Jocelyn Cummins