• Amphitheater High School  2020-2021

    Course: Financial Algebra

                          Mr. Zelov              Phone:  (520) 696-5419         Email: mzelov@amphi.com

    Key Goals

    Implement a proven and complete instructional system that is aligned to state and national benchmarked standards.



    • Financial Algebra, 1st Edition. Gerver, Sgroi
    • Edgenuity as needed 
    • Arizona College and Career Standards.


    Major Course Units of Study


    Modeling A Business

    Banking Services/Consumer Credit

    Automobile Ownership

    Income Taxes

    Independent Living

    Employment Basics



    Financial Markets and Cryptocurrency


    Grading Criteria

     Assignments/Homework/Bellwork       15%

     Quizzes/Projects/Budget Challenge     20%

     Tests                                                     45%

     Final Exam                                            20%



    Grading Scale

    90% - 100% A

    80% - 89% B

    70% - 79% C

    60% - 69% D

    0% -  59%  F


    Assignments/Homework Policy

    I do not typically assign homework for this class. Most of the work is done in the classroom. Because most of the work is done in the class, attendance is essential in keeping up with the content. Excessive absences will make it very difficult to pass this class.


    In order to receive full credit, assignments must be shown or turned in on time with all work complete. Late work will be accepted one day late for partial credit. During online learning assignments will be accepted late according to district policy. It is the student’s responsibility to show me any late work. Any late work turned in outside of the established times will be graded at the teacher’s discretion.


    Electronic Devices

    Cell phones, mp3 players, or any other electronic device will not be used during class, unless advised by the teacher for a particular activity. These devices are a distraction for students and my experience is that they drastically diminish student performance when used in classrooms for non mathematical work. They may be confiscated and kept until the end of the period / day if they become an issue in class.





    Students are expected to come to class prepared with materials necessary for learning, including:


    Paper (college rule for notes)

    Pencil (mechanical preferred)

    Math Text Book (I keep a class set..checking out a book is optional)

    TI 84   graphing calculator (TI-84 calculators can be checked out through the bookstore OR you can purchase one if you prefer. If you choose to purchase your own TI-84CE is the preferred edition)



    Classroom Expectations

    Amphi Students Are:

    On Time

    -Students are in their assigned places when the bell rings.


    -Students have the required materials and assignments for class


    -Students use appropriate language and are courteous to others

    -Students keep the classroom & campus litter and vandalism free

    On Task

    -Students actively engage in all classroom activities


    Discipline Procedures: For violations in line with district / school policy

      First Offense – Student Warning

      Second Offense – Student Conference with Behavior Contract

      Third Offense – Parent Contact and Lunch Detention

      Fourth Offense Administrative Referral


    Tutoring and Extra Help

    Tutoring is available Monday –  Thursday from 3:30- 5:00 pm in the Library. Students may also make an appointment to speak with me before school or during lunch. There may be additional tutoring opportunities that come up throughout the school year.

    The online schedule allows for alternating days where lessons are given on one day and opportunities for group/individual help is available on opposite days. If extra help is needed, there are other options available that students may request if they find themselves falling behind.

    Please sign up for the REMIND account which is a safe and secure way for me to send text messages (or emails) to students. Parents and Students both should sign up. You will receive homework reminders, exam reminders, hints and words of encouragement. Text the @message below (depending on class period) to the number 81010. Be sure to include the @ symbol. There is an app you can download for your phone if you so desire. Please register and sign up yourself and your student on the remind program today.



    Financial Algebra Period 3: @finmath3                     https://www.remind.com/join/finmathp3



    Financial Algebra period 4: @finmath4                     https://www.remind.com/join/finmath4


    Policies and programs are subject to change with teacher/administrative discretion.