• Course Description*

    The RR Intermediate Algebra course is designed to help students become skilled in Intermediate Algebra in the resource setting.  Students will follow the same curriculum as all Intermediate Algebra students in the district with some modifications and supplemental activities and materials.


    Course Goals*

    The goals of RR Intermediate Algebra are that each student will become proficient in Intermediate Algebra and have the ability to pass the district final exam.  The course will prepare the students for the common core exam required for high school graduation and also prepare them for college.


    Expected Learning Outcomes*

    Upon completing the RR Intermediate Algebra course, students should be able to:

    • Solve linear equations and inequalities algebraically and graphically.
    • Identify and write equations for arithmetic and geometric sequences.
    • Solve systems of linear equations and inequalities algebraically and graphically.
    • Understand the graphing behaviors of the functions families.
    • Transform figures on the coordinate plane.
    • Solve quadratic equations graphically, by factoring, using the quadratic formula, and by completing the square.
    • Identify and know the properties of the real number system.
    • Perform arithmetic on polynomials and rational expressions.


    Types of Assignments

    • Most of the work will be done and completed in class.
    • Bell work.
    • Worksheets of skills.
    • Online components.
    • Group Work - team building, cooperative learning, group presentations.
    • AZ Merit Preparation - practice tests, practice multiple-choice passages.
    • In-class activities.


    Guidelines for Term Grading

           Term                    Percentage

       1st 9 Weeks                     25%

       2nd 9 Weeks                    25% 

       3rd 9 Weeks                    25%

       4th 9 Weeks                    25%


    Guideline for Course Grade

           Grade                  Percentage

             A                      90% - 100%

             B                      80% - 89%

             C                      70% - 79%

             D                      60% - 69%

             F                      59% and below


    Attendance Policy

    It is important to attend class and participate in class discussions and activities.  Please make sure you follow the district attendance policy in order to earn credit for the course.


    Tardy Policy

    You must be in class before the bell rings.  There will be consequences enforced for all tardiness.  If you are more than ten minutes late for class, you will be considered absent.


    Assignment/Make Up Policy

    • I AM NOT INCLINED TO ACCEPT LATE WORK.  However, I do understand that emergency situations may prevent a student from turning in an assignment on time.  In these emergency situations, a student may submit a daily assignment no more than 2 days late.  If there are extenuating circumstances, the student must speak to me privately and I will discuss it with him/her on a one to one basis.
    • MISSED ASSIGNMENTS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!  If you have an excused absence that keeps you from either turning in an assignment or receiving instructions for an assignment, it is your duty to talk to me about the assignment as soon as you return.
    • MAKE UP WORK is designated for students who have excused absences.  If you are absent and it is excused, you must speak to me about any make up work the day you return.  You will have only as many days as you were out to submit the assigned work without penalty.  I am available during tutoring hours to discuss assignments missed.  Please see me privately to discuss your assignments.


    Expectations of Students

    This is a collaborative learning classroom.  Students are expected to be respectful to each other and the teachers at all times.  Students will be giving a warning if their behavior is outside the agreed classroom expectations.  Further noncompliance will result in phone calls home and administrative intervention.